Hi all,
Do you know? Envato don’t make marketing for themeforest anymore?

I know that last year the example or two years a go, I think weekly marketing, like newsletter campaigns.


Ok, I just checked. Can you explain me what is this?

Why you are sharing information like this when is not true?

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I don’t know how much they are invest in the marketing (this info probably no one knows), maybe they have in the past invested more money. But maybe.

For me, last 3 months are just great on ThemeForest. The current one is the best for me - I am talking about average sales per day.

Read again my question.
I asked if envato stil makes marketing. I didn’t say that don’t make.

Awesome if for you is better. Good luck

Marketing in special newsletters campaigns I’m referring, for this was my question.

I just checked this -

And my question is why you are doing any more Joomla when you see that the sales are vary low? So, it is not because of you. Maybe you should try to switch to non-exclusive account and try to sell somewhere else.

But also I see you have some WordPress themes in your portfolio - in your case I would stay focused on WP.

Nothing will stay forever. Few years ago it was vary easy to earn from WordPress themes - today is much harder but still there some $ there. Who know what will be in next 4-5 years.

What I want to say, sometimes you must change something in your business (or a whole business) - you can’t get through the wall, go around it.

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Yes, i have in review one theme for music and other two to build.

I m work on joomla and also wordpress.
Joomla is easy to have in portfolio, and yes I want to make other account to sell joomla as non exclusive, and exclusive only wordpress.

This will be next step for us.

Cheers and good luck.

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