Improving Envato marketplaces

Hi authors! i really would love to hear what your thoughts about the marketplaces. A lot’s of people are complaining about being an author is very though and definitely Unrewarding enough… So why people continue been here?
For an author who’s been here for around 5 years, a lot of things have changed - for good and for bad.
I also think that the target audience here (in Themeforest) have changed… once it was mostly small business owners… now i think most of them are developers that buying themes for their costumers? am i wrong? who do you think are they?

Is there anything that Envato can do to improve sales for non-ELITE authors?

For authors: what can make you more motivated to upload more items? to keep using this website?
What a big change can make a difference?

Let’s make a productive discussion :slight_smile:

As I am themeforest author, can I set preferences to see only themeforest related post in my home page, I mean when I come to forum landing page?

i think you’r talking about your subscribers… if you subscribe authors from diffrent marketplace they will appear in any Envato homepage

hi, i had a threat like this a while ago, did not get so many answers, sadly enough and i hope we can learn more about all this with this thread , good subject in any case :wink:

hi, i think that u do not have a way to do just that as the principle of these new forums are to mix all the marketplaces rather than sort of “isolating” the diverse marketplaces