What are Envato's plans for ThemeForest?

this is not at all acceptable, how can you advertise so shameful in other prople products pages?

putting a banner is different and showing a chat notification with sound and displaying message like this is very very bad and shameful act.


Indeed it is a shameful act, i am protesting this kind of acting for a while now. But this is a new low on a comment page directly steeling customers this is criminal.


I am sure envato must be having some ethics, but its time to re-asses our belief/dogma on envato

That is indeed bad from Envato!

this is not at all acceptable way to steal customers.

Ask them about it via twitter

1 - Envato is NOT trying to kill ThemeForest.
2 - @matthewcoxy , Envato surely has a right to promote its services ; but why you are doing it on ITEM PAGES of your precious authors? You already have a banner on the top of the marketPlaces, right? (hopefully it will be removed too after a week or so) - Please let us know.


If you wonder why not everyone can see these messages, then I have a logical version of this:

  • Envato sends these messages only to accounts that do not belong to TF Authors. I checked the user’s nickname on the screenshot (chat window), and this confirms this version.

So, it’s looks like BEHIND OUR BACKS Envato steel our customers. All noticed as sales dropped throughout the market (except Power Elite), but maybe it’s not enough for them.


Couldn’t agree more! Nicely sad!

After I sent them @jyostna’s screenshot when they ask me to be more specific – no answer, 4 hours left. I thought maybe Envato Help Team already finished their working day, but a few of their recent tweets telling me that they find the time to answer other questions.

I had a great laugh with this :smile: some of you authors are adverting your items (on Adwords let’s say) and visitors receive that message. I assume it’s converting pretty well, it’s like advertising for Elements on your money.


This isn’t even funny.

What is Envato doing?

First the forum switch that got people confused. Only started to alter it according to our wishes after a year (!)

Then the taxes with promise of much better sales from US… did that happen?

Then the review queues. They stubbornly refuse to get to normal after months and months! Are those advertised precautions like new reviewers and upload limits doing something?

Then the Author Driven Pricing with fixed rates. A big volatile experiment on authors’ shoulders. Suddenly I must not only be a designer and developer, but a market specialist.

And then… Envato Elements. A non-transparent A sword of Damocles hanging over my head. Is this stealing my buyers, I wonder. Well… I guess, since it’s ON MY ITEM’S PAGE damnit!

What is all this mess?

Man, I miss this when it was so simple and geniune.


The offer is to YOU. Regular users don’t see that. Envato is trying to sell YOU, the author, admin templates to use in YOUR designs. I use Envato Elements, it’s their new subscription-based model that gives YOU, the Author, access to assets for YOUR designs (which you can use commercially) like fonts, patterns, vector graphics, etc. Envato is trying to HELP YOU, not screw you over.

Trying? They already killed it. Wished this would have happened last year, I would have thought twice before signing up.

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So @tannercampbell , I am an author who creates emailTemplates. You think that Envato tries to sell me EmailTemplates?

Hi , @matthewcoxy , Few Questions…:

  • How long this practice will be held? (we are talking about the image below) This is not good , friends.Sorry to repeat but you already have a banner at top of the screen to promote ELEMENTS, right?

  • Also, please let us know how long the top banner will stay there (the banner that we see at top of each marketplace)?

Thanks in advance.

Uh, yeah. I do. I think that because that’s what I do. I license stuff through Elements and include them in my larger projects. My last project was a series of email templates that I got from Elements and sold to the client (customized) for nearly 1000% markup.

If you make email templates, why don’t you become an Elements author?

Thanks Tanner ; but I really don’t think that Envato is targeting the authors :slight_smile: - They are obviously targeting the nonAuthors (with your terms, “regular users”) for sure.
Yes, we the authors see it too, but that’s another story.

I only see it when logged into my author account. I’ve not seen it using my other account. If they’re showing it to users I can see how this might not be desired but Envato’s #1 priority is to its bottom line. #2 to its authors. Everything else, tertiary. People who come to Envato are looking for ways to create something they don’t have the talent to create on their own. The creation of Envato Elements only gives the Authors an additional outlet to earn money. Create for ThemeForest and create for Elements; I fail to see the issue. Most non-Author users aren’t going to come to Envato and forego a completely put together solution which costs them $50 for a piecemeal solution which costs them $30 a month and hours of labor to bring it all together into a coherent work. It also gives Envato an additional revenue stream. I only see this as good, but no one has to share my opinion. I just feel that ripping on Envato for this decision is very small-visioned; they’re trying to grow and make things better not worse.

I’ve actually referred non-creators types to Envato to avoid taking their work because I’ve been to busy. The result is 90% the same: they buy an Author’s product and then call me a week later and say “OMG OMG OMG HALP!” and I get the work anyway.

Non-creators are going to get into Elements, pay for a subscription, download a bunch of resources, open up Photoshop and realize “Oh shit, I don’t really know how to put these things together into something that doesn’t suck.” Then they’ll realize they wasted $30 (later $50 I think) return to the Envato Market place they were trying to save a few bucks by avoiding, and buy an Author’s finished product.

It’s been this way forever, cheapo’s trying to get around the cost of good work. I bet you won’t even notice a drop in revenue.

Perfect example: I’ve been designing for the web for like 15 years. When Envato FIRST came out I was like “OMG NOOOOOO!” Because why? Because they were offering fully fleshed our Wordpress themes for like $30! $30!? I charge clients like $800-$1200 (in those days) for a custom built theme and all their content. How will I ever survive!?

I adapted.

I survived.

This is just the same thing; the next business model. Everything is going to be okay. Keep calm and carry on.


Tanner, as I have already stated above (on one of my comments) ; Envato surely has the right to promote their own projects (obviously, and there is nothing wrong with that for sure). But doing it on authors’ item pages is not a “right” thing to do ; and they already have a top banner on each marketplace promoting Elements. As always, we’ll wait and see. Thanks for all your replies :slight_smile: Wish you a great week :slight_smile: