Envato - are you really think about authors?

I really need serious conversion about this.

Every author knows from last 1 years, how Envato ruined authors life day by day just to increase there profit & credibility in the market.

About Elements

  1. First of they launched Elements with the same items which already sold on Envato and target the customer through subscription modal.
  2. After that, they added the WordPress category with premium themes & plugins. On reverse effect actual WordPress category from Themeforest market sales going down day by day.
  3. Elements banner always in the top of the screen in every Envato Marketplace. On reverse effect customer who trying to purchase a specific item but through that banner customer redirects to Element site, author loss a customer & sale.
  4. No proper support structure for the customer who downloads item through elements. Is this some kind of joke?
  5. Lowest pricing structure with unlimited downloads. They give a clear path for free item downloads from other free sites.
  6. Elements are more customer-centric platform than Author centric - I don’t know much about the Author earnings but through our Author slack channels - I research - Author hardly get in between $200 - $500 earnings per month.

Author Driven Pricing

From starting - I’m talking about the ADP(author driven pricing) must have some rules to control it properly but Envato never makes a single rule for that. I’m really like the ADP decision by Envato but On reverse effect, ADP is a Toy for authors. They play with it whenever they want. Instead of putting competitive pricing for the item, some author really sale the product as lowest as possible. I’ve contacted many times to Envato team but their decision is final on it.

Category Page Experiment

  • It is the latest change by Envato and now they really prove that Envato is not community-centric but it is only for customers.
  • From the first quarter of 2019 - Envato started making the experiment in category page. The experiment was gone through 3-4 months and the result was announced that - Top selling product filter becomes default filter for every item (ex. for themeforest). On reverse effect new items/authors getting low visibility and sales. After a month of discussion, they announced one more changes in Filter Design. BUT nothing normal nowadays.

They sell Hosting Plans / Online Logo Makers

Most recent changes in Themeforest - They put the Menu entries for the Hosting plans & online logo makers category in themeforest. They now plan to advertise their new placeit platform here. Is this relevant to Themeforest marketplace? Le me know your opinion here?

Note that - I’ve no any objection here for specific Author or Envato team member. I’m just discussing the Envato’s past 1-year decision are really Author Driven or not?

Let me know what are your thoughts?



Envato has chosen their path. Now, its time for the authors to decide and choose theirs. Now, its the right time for you to decide what to do with your business. If you feel distrust with Envato, now is the perfect time to move on.


Also, on the Audiojungle market they added a tab “Simple Video Maker”. This is not professional at all when there is a market called Videohive.
What’s next? Putting a tab on the Videohive market which says “Order Pizza”, “Rent A Car”?

I’m tagging @steve_lam so he reads this and hopefully realizes the mistake which Envato is making.

@Theemwiz - Obviously we move from Envato - if we can’t find the improvement in Author related decisions then 2019 is last year for me.


They have just one platform for increase their Customer base for Elements & Placeit. So, they target this marketplaces directly.

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So i want to know is the authors from envato are moving? Because i’m planning to buy html5 responsive themes

But i have seen the author haven’t been reply all the comments.

Please advise. Thanks.

Hi, Alex - Its about Author decision to stay in Envato or out from Envato. By the way this post discussion is only for Authors. As you are going to purchase the “Hope -Church…” template. Please proceed with it & contact directly to that author via its profile page.

Thank you for the info.

At the Envato Worldwide conference they said that they would soon cancel the default filter on new products. Is it true and when to wait?

Actually, I’m not aware much about Envato Conference and what’s going on in conferences. BUT I’m seen that envato decision is final for this changes and they never come back with normal situation. As, they already applied the new design in Filter, its confirmed that they never give default search for new items.

Actually, they are in more focus on Elements and placeIT. Through that they target Authors to put sell their products in Elements.

I think if Envato wants to provide experiments, they should do it at their own expense, and not at the expense of the authors. For example, they could remove their commission at the time of the experiment, thereby reducing the negative effect. Envato do experiments now and authors pay for it.


Black days for Envato Authors. These experiments affect each n every Authors except Top selling Authors. As you said -

Good Idea. BUT what you think Envato do this??? :slight_smile:

Say they do that, and the experiments are a success and bring you more revenue… I’m assuming you’d then be happy for them to increase their commission accordingly?

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I’d like to reply to the topic of this post :slight_smile: Yes, they do. Here, it’s all about us authors as you can see, and there are like 100000+ (an estimate) authors at the moment right. This place is built on authors. So, they wouldn’t get this far if they were not interested in the authors themselves, past, present or future.

These topics are getting quite old. A new guy comes and complains about his promised dream that’s not quite going like the dreamland, and blames Envato.

What you should blame is your competition, or on the other end of it, your inability to be better than them. The game leveled up. Authors today should be more like fine quality studios to be in the play for trophies.

Good luck!


So according to you whatever Envato is doing makes perfect sense? I mean since the start of 2016 after they moved to USA I believe?

I think they should now keep an entry level for all the upcoming authors, i.e. the authors only with fine studios can build their dreams at our marketplace.

Every author here who signed up to become a part of this market and devoted their hard-work was because of the past success stories of ordinary people (authors) who started from nothing and climbed the ladder of success. Now, these authors definitely have shiny studios.

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How we compete with other Authors’s products? As, high numbers of approval rate nowadays. Hardly 1 week - item stay in first page. I also analyze the item quality - Even wrost design approved by reviewer. Now, its also a main topic for how the quality marketplace now goes in quantity marketplace.

We’ve invested almost 5+ months in single product and after approved - analytics shows 10-20 views per day. How can we suffer it?

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That was past. No new authors will shine in future. This is not due to category page experiment alone but there are almost lots of reasons behind it like - Elements, Placeit, Misuse of Author Driven pricing, High approval rate, Item quality compromise nowadays by reviewer.

All above matters really a bad for Envato and specifically for Authors too.

Try this. Put yourself in your customer shoes. Then try to get an admin template. There’s 100 000+ admin templates on the WEB. There are free alternatives, maintained on a Github, bootstrap admin templates and a bunch of others. Now, why on earth would you buy something from Envato from an author named phoenixcoded, which takes bootstrap templates and re-designs those (with a grade of quality 2/5). Do you really think that buying your template will make me in a better position than getting that Github top admin template or any of the free bootstrap admin templates? At least you can bet that those will be maintained for years. Customers are not idiots. They buy something, if they need it, to make themselves work less. 5 years ago, yes admin templates weren’t found on any step and people were less informed about what they do, so there were more purchases. Today we don’t live in that time, that was the past. So, what troubles you is the competition, not placeit, elements, or whatever you point at. Me personally, to buy an admin template, would take to know the author, that he works for years and is straight to the point when it comes to being a professional or at least, that the design is so great and that framework was addressed in the most polite way possible that I can easily work on top.

We the authors are replaceable. By who? By better authors.

p.s. I visit your website http://www.phoenixcoded.com/ and get this “This site can’t be reached! www.phoenixcoded.com’s server IP address could not be found.” If I visit https://getbootstrap.com/ I get a lot more to see. If I google phoenixcoded I get nothing almost. If I google bootstrap, yes. This is just to explain where you’re at the moment. If you used bootstrap to make an admin template, why didn’t you take more from them? Like an awesome website, showcases, etc. etc. There’s more into this, than just making an “item” on top of some framework.


Actually there are 18k Authors who submitted at least 1 item during 2018. And 5k of them were NEW authors.
@dzeriho is absolutely right about competition, quality items, etc. Those fairytale days are gone.
Plus why everyone is so obsessed with that exposure to new items? Most part of customers are searching by tag-words and get BEST MATCH. Plus there are lots of experienced/old customers who can navigate easily through market.

Another story - Market is over saturated with mostly everything. Once Item (not too very complicated) becomes Best seller - next we get tons of copycats. And so on and on and on.

Like every month on VH we get 1-2 new best sellers who gets there during first 1-2 weeks. It’s all about marketing now, about social media promotion, about payed promotion. Even Avada was constantly promoted while being the most selling item ever.

Just forget about easy sales due to new sorting method. Even if it will be returned - I guarantee you won’t get much more sales in a long run. We will get only more similar items which will spread sales across them.

You say 18k. I still say 100 000+ as I’m not counting only Envato. Why would I? I can buy an item anywhere.

New item exposure, frontpage exposure will get you 0 sales, or a few in the short time, like first week.

Being a brand and working on your brand will get you sales over long periods. But, being a brand includes branding, marketing, help centers, social networks and a bunch more, like your items need to be up to the task that they can be called a brand. You can read on Google there’s like a tone of articles. It is not for a single person, it requires more action.

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