Author driven pricing - nowadays takes negatively ? What's your opinion ?

Hello, all

I research a lot and finally here to wrote on Negatively takes Author Driven Pricing on themeforest.

Nowadays, most of the authors are taking negatively author driven pricing in themeforest this is due to High competition and more items are getting approved.

I found Elite authors also are there to misuse this policy.

Majorly 30% to 40% authors are decrease item price which are much lower than Recommended price for each categories.

Categories which are much effected are

  1. Marketing
  2. Site Templates HTML
  3. Admin Templates
  4. WordPress

The approval rate of Items are even high in above Categories. So most of authors are put too much lower price for getting sales in 1 week or 2 week or even 1 month.

Why to do this ??? That’s simple answer - Just for Number of Sales increase. Yes it’s fact and he knows it very well too.

Author driven pricing policy getting rise before 3-4 months ago for the purpose of - “Authors are get paid more because he very well knows how he put effort on it and then decide pricing of his own item”.
But now the described situation is totally wrong.


If the same situation occur in future then -

  1. Entire marketplace’s item price consistency getting wrost
  2. Easily available same items in different NULLED sites as free
  3. No one got much more profit
  4. Competition getting higher and price consistency getting lower.
  5. Too much harder to achieve Envato’s Badges.
  6. Same category’s Author to author conflation can occur.
  7. You may found your item’s idea, concept, design, etc… copying to other marketplaces.
  8. There are too much worst cases occur which even i’m not describing here.

Every one knows that after “Envato Elements” launch no one got higher sales. Day by Day Sales are also getting lower even if your item is too much good.

Then why we as author give another chance to our self for getting lower in entire marketplace.

I humbled request to those New Author, Mediator Author, Elite Author please maintain Envato policy and maintain our own Marketplace to getting it worst.

Request to those purchaser/buyer please do not share or copy envato items to other marketplaces or NULLED sites. “Every author give his too much hard work to develop design, code.”

I want yours feed back on it to support this campaign. Please give your comments.

Thanks and Regards,


I agree with you and I seen the same trends now days.

Author Driven Pricing should be update with strict terms.

Every one knows that after “Envato Elements” launch no one got higher sales. Day by Day Sales are also getting lower even if your item is too much good.

On this point I would like to highlight for the same categories, every week lots of new items are getting approved and authors having unique and great idea will not be getting highlight for long time on first page. This may be one reason for less sell.

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Yes Author Driven pricing must be taking as Strict terms to maintain our Marketplace.

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I’m totally agree with @nrsbomb and @PIXINVENT

I feel shame on Elite authors and new arrival authors who do this type of activity in Author driven pricing policy.

Thanks for started this campaign @nrsbomb. Its really need it.

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I have seen that item, Elite Author put his item Free, also i like that comment someone says:

“I am very disappointed to see your Item price, You are giving your Item approx FREE of Cost, better is please upload this item on Google Drive or DropBox and share link on Facebook. It will really help to promote your Profile.”

I am new on ThemeForst and don’t want to give my items in low price because i know how much efforts and time i spent to design and develop my item.

Also anybody have solution how to stop NULLED availability because i found my items on many websites within one day for FREE.

Hello, @nrsbomb, @PIXINVENT, @bitlers

I recently talked with envato support team about this Author driven pricing and i got this response

I understand your concern and I see where you’re coming from, however we do not have a minimum price for each the author have to sell their items. With the release of the Author Driving Pricing the authors can sell their items for as much or as little as they want. I’m afraid that there’s nothing I can do here.

Envato also not going to take support on it.

Right, Envato can’t take any action as per their terms. And one day this will affect this ecosystem badly.

@PIXINVENT @nrsbomb @bitlers
From last couple of months i feel that Envato is just for Bigger themes and just for Elite/ Power Elite authors. Envato only listen that Author’s requests like - Item promotion based, policy based, terms and support based.

As on Upload limits - That authors can easily upload more than 1 items same time.
As on Approval rate - Got easily approval without any further review.

I’ve no objection on it but Envato standard goes down day by day. It is not that consistent which it is before 1 year.

The quality of item is also goes down nowadays in Envato. But no one listen from Envato staff.

@nrsbomb @PIXINVENT @phoenixcoded

I am agree with all of you to maintain the price and also want to force Envato to add minimum price of an item otherwise this marketplace will goes down and no one will get earn of their hard work.


I’m accepting your answer that - Envato must put Minimum and Maximum price limit.


Is there any why to convince Envato to put minimum price?

Als I have update my Item price.

there is no way to convince Envato @bitlers

I hear a lot of people saying there should be a minimum price, but there is already… it’s the buyers fee for that specific category, plus $1. I’m sure everyone knows that, so what they’re actually saying is that they’re not happy with the current minimum prices. So rather than just saying there should be a minimum price (which there is already) it might be more useful to say what you feel the minimum price should be increased to, and why.

I don’t think it will do much good though, as author driven pricing is author driven pricing… if people aren’t allowed to set the item price to anything from $1 to whatever the maximum is… then it’s not really author driven pricing. Yes, it;s a bit daft to set your price to $1, just as it is to set it to $1,000,000… but the ends don’t justify the means.


@SpaceStockFootage Your reply is just out off the topic. What is the topic main is - Read the title first.

I’m replying to the four people in a row who mentioned minimum prices when it comes to author driven pricing. If my reply is off-topic, then surely their posts are?

But still… it’s a post about author driven pricing, asking for people’s opinions on it… which I gave. It’s not like I’m talking about the worrying trend of increased bear attacks in national parks.

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No there is not a minimum price.
That so-called “minimum” is how much Envato making, not how much authors are making.

The minimum to which people are referring to is their profit from an item sale.

You either don’t understand basic economic principles or have a hidden agenda.

The fact that all price drops will come from the authors pocket is A FACT. A smart financial move, however one that, in my opinion, disrespects author’s work and intelligence to see this obvious decision.

The end results is a lower cost for the consumer (a good thing) and Envato keeps their profits( a good thing for Envato). So guess who loses in all this?

Yes i am agreed with you.

We should save the envato market.


Hi nrsbomb

Yes, I definitely agree with you.

Sorry but It seems a team of blind persons are making these decisions for Envato.

Each time Envato announces new changes and they write we are closely watch the market and everything is under consideration it means they know nothing and they are experiment something new and the only persons that will face to problems are AUTHORS!!!

Each time they make new changes it means they are making bad and wrong decisions!!!

Now they are going to run Author-Driven Pricing to Videohive because this is the only market that they couldn’t destroy it successfully before 2018.

I hope in future we can see better and wise moderators and clever marketing experts in Envato company!

This is my BIGGEST AMBITION for Year 2018 :thinking: