Non-removable Envato Elements banner.

@Envato, guys aren’t you taking a bit too far? Is your commissions not enough?
I do not want to have non-removable Envato Elements banner over my profile. I want it even less on my author dashboard.


This is horrible!

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This isn’t the first time this happens. It’s so aggressive, obnoxious, and intrusive.


Envato is now just playing with us. No responses and No solutions whatsoever. All they say is this does not affect Sales on the Market. But it does and it seems thats what they want.

Also, fun fact, just the Item Details Page does not show the Elements Banner. All other Sub-Pages like Reviews, Comments and Support are still displaying the Banner. Really curious to know who actually makes these dumb decisions. Maybe an experiment for them but these experiments come at the cost of our business and creative process. First Author driven pricing and now this. We as Authors, joined ThemeForest/Envato because of the Business Model and Creative Freedom but now we are simply being robbed of this blatantly.

The Big Chunk of Users come to the Envato Market to buy Themes/Templates that actually look professional and then Envato just subtly redirects them to Elements Subscriptions.

@BenLeong @hichameassi An explanation on this will really help because this is going nowhere for us.


Yep, the same shady marketing tactics to redirect potential sales of our products (that also make them a sh*t ton of money) to their Elements subscriptions.

They’ve constantly been asking users/authors for opinions via surveys throughout these last months, but it seems like they simply ignore the needs of authors.

Extremely disappointed, again.


Authors should also keep in check what they are getting and what they are loosing by adding their items on the Elements. Authors are actually destroying the Market by doing so.


We see a significant conversion rate and sales drop after the introduction of the banner. For almost all authors.


@AltumCode I agree. I tried Elements and I got maybe 10% income compare to Market (this is not a joke, I want to eat and live normally lol), so I sadly removed my items.

I think complex items don’t fit to the Elements business model, it’s ok for images and videos but not for WordPress themes that have long development process - months, much higher price, lifetime updates and support feature. So the subscription should cost not $16 but $160 or more in this case and this is a high price I think. So this model doesn’t fit with WordPress themes with only $16 subscription.

As an idea, I think Envato might separate the subscription for only WordPress themes, so it will have Elements and WordPress Elements with a higher price for this kind of subscription.

@BenLeong @SemiColonWeb

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I hope that Envato Market stays the way it is, because it gives us more autonomy as authors, its main differentiator from other stores like TemplateMonster where they force you to support your customers from the TemplateMonster platform and prohibit external links, including Creative licensed links. common goods that you have to return.

I’m unhappy with non-removable footer banner, too.

Also, login doesn’t work as before! When I logged in to Themeforest, my Codecanyon session closes and I should re-login. Also, this happens to my whole devices. I use 2 laptops, desktop and mobile devices. I don’t want to login again and again!


Bad practice from a UI point of view, shady one when it comes to marketing…

Bad practice from a UI point of view, shady one when it comes to marketing…