Petition for the banner solution

Hello community,

As you know since the “elements” was implemented, the non-elements authors are not doing so well. We (audiojunglers) recently felt it on our skin. Obviously the “elements” will be here for a long time, so I suggest a simple solution.

1. “Elements” banner should remain only to the authors who are part of the elements, it can remain on their portfolio and on their items.

2. Authors who are not part of the “Elements”, banner should be removed from their porfolios and from their items.

3. “Elements” banner could stay on pages for example:


Please, if you agree, just write “+1”

If we gather enough votes and enough interest in this topic, I hope that envato staff will see this and respect our request.

Kind Regards,





whats the purpose I don’t get it? to remove the Elements banner and only?

Taking down the banner in generally is too much to ask I guess. So this way, the Elements banner will not show up on authors pages who are not a part of Elements. Hope I explained it well.