Help Envato improve ThemeForest for authors

Hi Authors :wave:

My name is Jason, and I’m a UX designer at Envato. I’m reaching out to you because we are looking to make some improvements to ThemeForest for authors and need your help! In an effort to move towards developing a more author-centric platform, we would love to hear from our authors.

Interested in helping us out? Great all you need to do is click the link bellow to fill out an author feedback survey, to share your thoughts. Your feedback will help us improve ThemeForest for all of our authors.

Share your feedback here

Thanks in advance, and if you have any questions please let me know! :grin::grinning:




@jkeyes07 I have given my feedback, I hope you will take a look at :slight_smile:

Hi there, thank you so much for your feedback and contributing to our survey!

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@jkeyes07 feedback done. :+1:

If you care about authors’ thoughts, don’t you think this “survey” should have been more visible? There are thousands of authors here and I see only 30+ clicks on the "share your feedback here" link (and, as always, it doesn’t mean that all of those who clicked on the link took part in it) Why it is not pinned?

Or maybe that low number already tells a story on its own.

+When it comes to “frustrations with Envato Market”, I think the question “why do you continuously kill authors’ motivation” epitomizes the story. If you think doing so will bring success, then keep doing it.

++Given the fact that the OLD motto “you do creative, we’ll do the rest” has long gone, many authors promote their items as much as they can. Some promote their items via paid promotion, some do it by using free alternatives. But no matter what, they invest time in these efforts. When their link finally gets a “click”, the customer sees these “elements” banners everywhere including authors’ OWN items’ description pages. Do you think this is fair-play?

(^^^ including but not limited to)


Done, done and done! Thanks for the survey mate! :slight_smile:


Survey done.
Happy new year