Survey where authors can ask questions to customers

Hey, through the years Envato has done many surveys (currently doing the Envato Forums: Community Health Survey 2017). The surveys were always on how Envato can do things better, either for customers or for authors.

But would it be possible for Envato to do a survey where the authors can ask the questions to the customers? This way the authors can make their products better and focus more attention on the things that the customers are looking for. Authors could post the questions here on the forum, Envato then creates the survey and makes the results public.

Example of such questions for Themeforest (WordPress) could be:

  • Is RTL important for you?
  • Do you check if images are included with the theme?
  • Do you check the theme demo site on Page Speed Insights, GTmetrix and other tools?
  • Do you focus more on product description page or theme landing page?

Very cool idea!