envato is a great & professional market place

envato is a great & professional marketplace.

I love to work with envato.
I think you too


I totally agree!!! I also love very much to work here! It is a great opportunity to accomplish our dreams making favorite things!!! :heart_eyes: :+1:


I already have a little experience on audio jungle. I work only two months, but it already brings me a small income.


We’re pretty happy about Envato too! :slight_smile:

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man! this is the corporate office or something?! lol i understand what u are trying to explain guys, i like much this place too, however, i think that it could be better again if authors opinions and needs were a bit more taken into account indeed …


Congr! keep it up

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I don’t often come through the forums but when I do, I always see a negative comment from you. Like kicking a gift horse in the mouth. If you don’t like what Envato is doing, or where it’s leading, there are other marketplaces out there - not to mention, if you want more control and say, you can sell your own products within your own hosting environment, but I can assure you, you’ll not get the exposer Envato will offer it’s authors.

Envato listens, they try to do their best, but they have a business and large audience to accommodate. Just like as being an author, you cannot always cater to all your buyers needs and preferences. It’s just not possible to make something perfect for everyone. You can only hope that a higher percentage of those masses are benefiting and business is still moving forward in a successful manner. Which I personally think Envato is doing well on.

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Right! me too see


I don’t make much earnings and not sure if i can more - I just have much fun of being here.

Through all constructive, concerning and complaining discussions I think here should be also a space for some osanna anthems, I think people needs it too.

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Yes but now authors are stuck here. They are stuck among reviewers and buyers

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we all have personal work and artistic interest in being here and that’s good this way, however , the fate of all designers is also about to earn some money out of surviving as a designer , that’s why we cannot say amen to all

otherwise, what is Osanna anthems? sorry i have no idea what it is , would u mind explaining?

most importantly the good thing is that we are not limited creatively and can dare creating really original things with the theme we like and the style we like and believe people will like …

Pure praise I meant (Hosanna, not sure if it’s usable as an idiom figure in English as here it is, sorry if misleading - I thought it’s undestandable). Those parts of souls which creative people are to keep, I’d said, “childish” - to stay creative, are perceptive to such things.

An element to keep the community’s weather healthy balanced - these days еspecially. That Envato is a great and professional marketplace is a true reminder.

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…I too was a bit thrown off by the “osanna anthems”. Glad you asked it!

You’re absolutely right, everyone is here to make a potential living and future for themselves.

Though the way I look at Envato, is it’s a portfolio that gets publicized to millions daily.

Build your portfolio and it gives you greater chances to gain other work; other opportunities.

I read your other reply, before it being removed and I want you to know I did not mean any disrespect. I was not trying to target you with anything other that what I’ve seen from the forums. Everyone is definitely entitled to their opinions and I would like nothing more than to hear them. I encourage them and welcome them. I like to give mine, surely others should also be allowed to give theirs.

…Yes, it is true I don’t come here often. At least not until recently, the last two weeks. We’ve been trying to make a better appearance in the forums, because just like you, or anyone else, it’s interactivity that promotes. I also like to see what’s going on around Envato due to all the recent changes and ongoing things they seem to constantly be surprising us with (for better or worse).

So again, just to be clear, I apologize if I came across as rude, but just made an observation from browsing the forums as of recent, seeing negativity. It stands out. My apologies if I overstepped.

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I thank you too for the clarification on that :slight_smile:

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Not sure I understand your question @sparrowtheme?

Are you asking what to do after being rejected and having spent months building a theme you thought (and hoped) would be accepted and available on the Marketplace? Honestly, only thing I can say is don’t give up.

If you’ve put that much time and effort into it, try to improve it.

No one made it anywhere without trial and error and a few let downs.

Dream big and get 'em! :slight_smile:

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for rejection … it’s depended on the different reviewer