Thank you Envato and a small advice to Envato!

I am one of the author from graphicriver and i have also purchased few items. Though i haven’t sold many items compared to the many regulars. But yet from my experience from Envato so far is i am quite satisfied with their service. Reason for saying this is i have used many other sites for various purpose and Envato so far is in the top of my list.
Though i won’t say i like almost everything but this as it is not possible also and that i understand. I am still getting used to the new forum and liked the old look. Sometimes items get rejected when i feel like i made better items than other (but thats a totally selfish opinion i have at times). And quite few things like the percentage cut. But then again i ignore it as long as they use it to maintain good quality.

One of the reason i feel that i like Envato is that it is not focused on one side. That is it does try to provide quality service to client as well as the author. Me being both client and author i would point out that keeping client happy do means more revenue. But if you can’t keep the author happy things going to break down slowly but surely. Quality will drop as people leaves the place and many more problem. This is from my personal experience where many sites focus so much on attracting clients that they completely ignored the users/author. As a result authors/service provider are living and scammers/cheaters are taking their place.

In short till now i would like to thank Envato for its service. Wish you guys all the best. And keep your focus on the authors as much as the client. Then you will flourish more.

PS. This is just a personal opinion. Many may not agree and its understandable. Sorry for the bad english.

aGREE with you mate, but you see buyers are important all around.

Of course they are. But in many websites they focused so much on the buyers that they started ripping the authors off. As a result authors left the site. It was filled up by authors with low quality service. As a result buyers started becoming unsatisfied. For example reducing the price of item way too much.

Where as in Envato i found it opposite in some cases where prices were increased. So authors happily produce good work. As a result more buyers come to purchase quality work.

Basically in short i wanted to mean that keep things balanced. And i am happy with the condition so far. :smile:

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