Leaving Envato

Hello, by this way i decided to not upload on Graphicriver anymore. I let my account bleeding dead and sell my rejected stuff on other markets.
My good looking Halloween flyers been rejected over and over again and look what they approve?
Over saturated trashed flyers with a simple background, a female model ( mostly the same girk in yellow dress ) and a lot of dis organized text. The one worser and uglier than the other. Unbelievable.
Envato is not worth my precious time and my HQ artworks.


hi my friend, keep fighting here , u will be missed otherwise, just work on adjusting your typo a bit and I guess everything will be alright :slight_smile: did u try to join elements ? maybe they need a very good render maker like u :slight_smile:

yes i tried twice but no succes, and it doesn’t matter, GR loved to approved and sells oversaturated trash. Look what designs been making it on the market. , there are to many of the same style, a lot of quantity designers, some have 3-5 flyers each day and they got approved all, i have 2 flyers a week cause every flyer is high detailed designed and reject so so customers been brainwashed. Today you are on page 1 tomorrow on page 8. GR is a real joke right now. Don’t upload anymore, it;s not worth it. I went to other market places who respect the author. thnx

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Like which marketplaces?

There are a couple of other marketplaces.just Google… In gonna close my account this weekend at envato. Is a waste of time. Just got to download all my portfoilio items… They want quantity not quality.

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hey my friend , why don’t u keep your account and try to upload sometimes and develop things somewhere else otherwise? after all, if your account is closed, this is gone, when, if u do not close it, even if u do not want to be very active , u can still keep it for the time u feel like using it …

Yeah your right N2n44 but i Wont upload anymore on Envato. No frustrations anymore. I can deal with rejections but look what they approved now. It cant be… some authors uploads 3-4 items a day and if it is good quality OK. But its far from that. Envato loves quantity designers. And im not and never will be.

I think that some upload even more than this lol I had been advocating for long for the number of submissions to be restrained much more than they are so that some quantity players stop playing numbers (honestly more than one submission a day is just incredible … I mean if u put a bit into what u are doing) and so that people have them forced into shifting to quality, but this was not what was chosen, u only get to such a system according to approval rate which is not preventing anything in the end but forces to increase the global number of rejections due to the high number of daily submissions, in other words, as such, this does not reach the target if u ask me