Envato is Over?

So… Envato is dead now?

First of all, I would like to say that I do not accuse or affirm. I just want to understand the problem and share my observations. I would really like to see a moderation response.

Lets begin

My name is Mark. I have been working as a designer for 5 years. I’m not trying to prove my high level of skills. I want to say that my work was acceptable for buyers and received good reviews.

After 10 consecutive hard-rejections in several different sections, I had some questions and I communicated on this forum. I carefully checked all the requirements described in

I am fully confident that all my work was in compliance with the rules described in these guides.

So the problem is in the design?

I created topics, asking to rate and suggest what I’m doing wrong. Waiting for an answer, I read similar topics of other people. I noticed that in cases where the design was frankly bad, there were 6-12 answers where each expressed his opinion on the problems of this work. In some of the cases I even saw moderation responses.

But in cases where the design was objectively at a good level and there were no obvious mistakes that would distinguish this work from those already in the store, there were either no answers at all or they were 1-2 absolutely subjective opinions on the choice of color and small minor details, with which it was quite possible to argue.

This is not just my problem. It is a problem of many…

The main problem is that in any case, you will get hard-rejection. Without any explanation.
You are left with a complete lack of understanding what exactly you did wrong. On forum, it is impossible to find advice, because people themselves do not know for sure what was done wrong. So you got rejected, over and over again.You spend a lot of time and energy, but you will be left with nothing. While in the store you can find 5+ works in a row from the same author. That’s just this account does not belong to one person, but a large design office. How will Envato explain this? Really in the category of logos sent so few works, that one author is able to put a few of his in a row?

To make my words more truthful

I could add proofs. Links to topics and comparisons of rejected works with those that are now in the store.
But I do not know the rules of the forum about using the work of others, even on the forum.
I would really like to read the explanations for the moderation, for what reasons one of them was not approved, and the other went on sale. If I have the opportunity to lay out the proofs.

I want to repeat

I do not accuse or affirm
But it seems to me that Envato is dying. It seems to me that there are too many authors. Too many works and too few buyers. Envato has to screen out a lot of good authors, only so that others could earn something.

If you are new to Envato and are reading this now, there is a chance that this place will not give you the opportunity to move on.

I will wait for an answer, can I give some illustrative examples and ask why one logo was rejected, and the other was accepted

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Why’d not show your items here? You can write more and more, but you should provide some evidence. I often see situations here in the forums when the author sincerely does not understand the reason of reject, while his works are frankly weak

Of course you’re right that there are so many authors and files being added every day now that it’s much harder to get sales than it was a few years ago. The market has just got much bigger, we’re all victims of Envato’s success. (Plus Envato Elements is the new big thing, I guess they’re trying to stay relevant.) But I don’t agree with your suggestion that this is affecting which items the reviewers are deciding to accept. It’s still the same old review process - if your item looks good enough and is unique enough it will be approved.

It’s mainly up to you as an experienced author to understand the requirements for getting approved. It’s also up to Envato staff to communicate if required quality standards have been changed. I haven’t seen anything to suggest any significant changes to requirements lately, but of course standards will evolve slowly over time as trends change, etc.


I totally agree with everything you mentioned in your post. This is what I’m facing as a new author. None of my designs are being accepted. To make things worse, I don’t get proper feed back to improve. Just the same automated message where the item does not meet envato quality standards (unknown and un explained any where).

How can someone improve if he doesn’t get feedback or at least a hint on areas with flaws.

Hi @anon424242, phew, l haven’t been here much for the last year or so, (mainly because l was messing around with fonts) which is unfortunately a tough market to break into.

But when l was here, l got the same automatic reply, and occasionally some feedback, or a soft reject. From what l have experienced, the soft reject may be gone, which doesn’t worry me much, but for newbies, it is more of a concern.

But l suspect that Envato expects you to come here for advise?

Logos, is a seriously oversatured area, since you can typically charge $30 for each one, but that probably makes it a lot harder than flyers for example.

In flyers at least, a seriously bad one, will get plenty of replys and a great one less so, since it probably came down to too many of the same thing, and as such the flyer was not the issue, just the concept.

As for some getting a few in, that is only because they work harder and do more, and get more rejected to get that few in. It is easy to say, Envato shows leniency towards more seasoned marketers, but l haven’t seen that occurring, (if they like it, and there are zero issues, and the design isn’t thrashed then it should get through, regardless of who did it).

Envato is dying, lol, l haven’t seen any indications of that, and l have been tracking my sales for the last few months against sales results a few years ago. If anything they are increasing.

You really need to concentrate all of your efforts onto one of Envatos hubs, and niches, and stay with it, til you get one through, and then after a few sales, you will release that you over-reacted.

And once you have decided on the best area, buy a competitors work, that will get rid of a lot of, “what am l doing wrong” issues.

Good luck.



Based on my experience uploading flyers after a few years away, I think they don’t bother with soft rejects for when the design needs improvement anymore. They only use it for small technical issues, like I got one because not all text was editable. So authors are getting less feedback because of that, you get a hard reject and you just have to decide yourself how to improve your design, or ask on the forums. Reviewers just don’t have time to add feedback.

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Envato is not dying because an item or a million items get rejected. It simply means it’s alive and kicking. Envato will be dying the moment when items no longer get reviewed and probably not even then for a couple of years because of the existing quality items. Even if all authors would drop support it still wouldn’t die since most items here are self-explanatory by documentations and they are absolutely amazing, therefore, Envato is not even close to over.

I’m curious to see your work, because I don’t like judging in lack of solid arguments, and your post is a lot of talk, with a lot of arguments, but all can be easily blinded by an actual item.

Good! That means you don’t mind sharing, so, show us your work, without that, every author here can open the same thread “Envato is dying, we get rejected” ! :slight_smile:

Standards change, things evolve, authors get rejected, times change. This is all I have to say regarding your rejections… but to go as far as to state Envato is Over because of rejections… I doubt that! The market is filled with amazing items, old and new, and I see tons get approved daily, so that is far, far from the truth.