4 Logos rejected

I tried to submit four logos, and have been rejected.
Is very easy to say: “Your logo was rejected” without explanation.
My logos have enough quality to be in Envato. I’ve seen much worse logos for sale.
I will not waste the time decrypting why my logos have been rejected because I have yet many logos to submit.

I have to go to another store.

Thanks for nothing.

Sorry, but witch store you go?

hi buddy , lots of guys come out here and complain about being unfairly rejected while they are comparing their works with some guys supposedly being providing items of lower quality. What a lot of guys fail to understand that this way is not done in a community. This is not a a good way of conducting to point at what other people do , whether u are right or not. This is true there are some inconsistencies sometimes, the system is not perfect and besides i use to mention about it. However, as a lot of guys who try to help here mention, most of the rejections have a reason and if u do not show anything, this is easy to say that you have made killing items and that this is unfair that they did not make it. I have no problem to imagine just that but just prove it , post here and all of us guys, me in particular , will tell you what we think about your creations. Believe me a guy like me will not be reluctant to say if i feel like that your item should have made it and been for sale here …

Unfortunately I don’t have the level of english sufficient to maintain a satisfying conversation.

I’m not really upset by the rejection. What upsets me is that they offer a lot of possible reasons. If someone has reviewed my logos do not think it difficult for that person to comment on what exactly has failed.

Sorry for my english

buddy this is … the fact of the matter is that u do not realize what the guys in charge of reviewing have to deal with … they have tons of items to deal with daily, that’s a huge flow that they are confronted with and all guys would complain if they had to wait even more as they do , so reviewers cannot afford providing all people with feedbacks

Hey, and dont forget that Envato standards are strict.
They dont just want whatever pops in your mind to also sell.

Im not a GR author yet (stil working on it) but i saw what other guys that were also rejected have made, and made me think that you must be very good at this in order to sell.
Also remember that there are a lot of similar to what you make/produce items out there…so yeah…they expect to be a good product.

Because, everything…is Business!

hi , no indeed, not always , sometimes u bring something completely new to the table and that’s not for that matter that this is any easier to get approved … i know by experience, i had a couple of logos that i had made, in very original style and very original theme and in the end, they never made it despite a top author and expert in logos here told me they were really good …

yeah, if there is no demand in that product no matter how good it is, there is nothing we can do, but its worth tryin’ nonetheless :wink:
Although they may make some exeptions from time to time, just so there may be some varieties, cause you never know, things are also unpredictable :stuck_out_tongue: