Rejected Logo's

Hi community,

Lately our rejection rate is about 95%. We really try to create unique logo’s and work on this daily. We now even considering to quit working on new logo’s for GraphicRiver.

I can understand some logo’s get rejected and thats okay. But from the last 25 uploads only 1 got approved.

There is no feedback supplied. Most of our rejections are placed on other websites and they are selling very good.

I’ve attached just a few logo’s which got rejected here. Could anyone here provide feedback of what we are doing wrong?

Greets Alex aka LiveAtTheBBQ

Sorry envato, its U who miss this kind of gr8 work. Dont get dispoint guys, U are just awasome, bad luck for envato, i think they dont deserve U…

hi Alex for me some really look great , some are more average but in a general way, actually this is difficult to understand how most of the things have been rejected and why …

however i think that all guys are paying the fact all this category is saturated and over saturated and that envato feels like really rejecting a lot so that some logos still have a few sales … as for me i like this category and i have posted a few items there but let’s face it i chose not to stick much to it either as i had at the time at least 50% of hard rejections and sometimes with some items that were even qualified by sone top authors and experts in logos as good ones so that they failed to understand how the templates could be rejected …