10+ Logo template get hard reject - Please advice!

Hello, I’ve sent more than 10 logos to envato review team, but unfortunately i received the hard reject message “quality standard” on all of them!!! (i know my logos are not best, but i think they deserve a place here on graphicriver) i’m waiting for your feedback and thank you in advance!

“Envato now approve only works from selective Authors because i’m seeing a lot of recent approved designs(from Elite authors) are worse than my rejected designs”

Is this a joke ? Envato rejecting your work and you think they are rejected because envato staff don’t like you ?

come on man… I don’t even work in envato but this is not serious … think. :slight_smile: I don’t believe that.

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oh my friend, I do not work in envato staff

but yes I am an aurhor -> https://graphicriver.net/user/novocaina/portfolio

and I know what is hard rejection :slight_smile:

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it is very kind of you but please don’t use a word like “genius” - I am a regular idiot with glass of vodka in hand :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile: