What is my design problem?

Hi Everyone,
I hope all well. I am little bit disappointed for envato reviewer team. I submitted 16 logos and all are hard rejected. I don’t really understand why it’s happened with me. Every time they told me my designs are not quality standard for the marketplace but I found many designs on the market which are very low quality.

I really feel this is not going 100% pure process. Some designs has no value but these designs are selling here.
Let me share with you my design. My all hard rejected designs: https://www.behance.net/gallery/62213101/Logo-Bundle

If you kindly explore the market’s logo templates and my designs then you will really feel my designs are better then some designs. Please suggest me what is my mistakes. I am open to share a source file with you guys. I followed all rules to create them but I am still not successful.

Hope you guys will suggest me.

Thank you very much.

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Hi there:

Maybe your logos already on graphicriver search for so hard rejected but your logos are very nice. regards.

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Thanks Buddy @JeriTeam , But I was checked I found similar but not exactly same. :slight_smile:

I like a bunch of them, especially the “The Sauare”.

I tried to submit some logos too and got the same result as you, disappointed. So I tried here at the forum to get some help, and I found out this happens to a lot of people with good designs and I talked them, and apparently, it looks like the rejects are meaningless, some had uploaded many logos and the majority got rejected. Therefore I don’t know what’s happening.

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