Hard Rejected Logos

Hello guys,

What’s happening with Graphicriver, there are more and more logos hard rejected.
I dont know what it’s the new policy, probably many hard rejections in the next future and very few accepted.
I have attached here two logos that have been rejected, I will appreciate very much if you help me with an advise.

Have a great day!

I like your style. And you are telented. I don’t know what’s wrong with GR. It could be the typography issues as I see your designs are better than alot of the approved items.

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I really don’t know what to say. It’s high quality design. Very professionally done. And great presentation.
Usually 95% of rejected items that I can see on this forum are not ready for approval. But this…
Really don’t understand


Hi mate,

Thank you, I don’t see any problem with the typography, I see here alot of logos that are approved and are very low standards. I really don’t know what is the problem with this website, if they want to put a limit on the logo upload section it will be good for us to know about that. These are only 3 examples, I have upload 30 logos last month and only 3 have approved.

I wish you all a good day!

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Should I contact them and ask them what the problem is?

Your logos have a lot of little details, maybe You chose wrong category Or there are a lot of “open paths”.

If there are open paths in the logo it must be a soft rejection not hard rej. The envato rules are the same or they changed them?

I feel like they don’t Soft Reject anymore in the categories that are overcrowded. Like logos/business cards.
The only reason i see for rejection is MAYBE becose they are a bit too complex or too specific. You can see the first page in logo templates. There are some rather…dull looking logos. Maybe that’s what they want. As for the tree, becose the lines are so thin there might be a problem on a small scale printing.
You could try to sell them elsewhere really. I like them. They scream “quality” as far as i see it.

Hey @Exe-Design,

I have the same problem, 99% of my logo’s are getting rejected. I try to get my best work online but still everything gets hard rejected.

Maybe there are too much authors pushing too many logo’s, but even some of my best work doesn’t get approved.

Check my latest work, so you can see that i’m not uploading average work…

Good luck! I know how frustrating this is…


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Hi LiveAtTheBBQ,

I’m very disapointed about this website, after I worked hard to increase my portfolio and my level I have come to a time when all my works are rejected, and belive me that are good designs and without any open paths or any of these problems. I’ve sent them any email regarding this issue and they reply my with a basic answer.


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I saw your designs. You have a great collection. Maybe you can give the rest of is some tips on what makes a great logo design.

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It’s without any explanation to dedicated authors who work very hard.

I have also send an email to support but they anwser with standard templates. No help.

I’m okay with a limit of uploads per month, so the market doesn’t get flooded. But 99% rejections of quality work from Elite authors? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

My rejections do sell on other website but i think it would sell a lot more on my GraphRiver account…

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Thanks for the compliment!

Since 99% of my work gets rejected i don’t know if i’m the person to give tips and tricks on the market :wink:

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Really very good logos, I don’t know…

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Hello there!
I am new on GR… but I have a good experience on other freelance sites.
I like your logos and presentations.
Your logo icons are unique and there is good combination of icons and letters… presentations are great also…
I don’t know why is rejected. :thinking:
I tried to send my first two logo designs to GR and I was rejected too…

Should I to continue with sending? What is your opinion about these two my submissions?
Thank you!
Best regards!

Dear Staff,

Are there any specific rules for setting up Color Management Policies in Adobe Illustrator Color Settings?

I use “Europe General Purpose 2” with Working Spaces: RGB - sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and CMYK - Coated FOGRA27 (ICO 12647-2:2004).
Color Management Policies: RGB - Preserve Embedded Profiles and CMYK - Preserve Numbers (Ignore Linked Profiles).

I use the correct settings?:pray: