Hard Rejected Item Feedback From Older Members

I ve recently uploaded a logo template to GraphicRiver. Then I got soft rejected and was told that the category is not suitable.
Then I forgot about for a long time. Now, maybe a month later I tried to upload it to the right category and got instant hard rejection…I must say that it has been the fastest response by envato so far, so kudos for that:)

Can some more established member of the community please give ma some feedback on why something like this would be hard rejected!

I d highly appreciate your time and input!


I like this model https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B79q4FOiVcz-eWR4ZlhncG5MdXc (logo2.png) but not the rest

Hey! Thanks for the input!
But is it really so much below enavto’s quality standards?

Somehow yes…

Any suggestions on what I could exactly improve?

Seems too basic. maybe try adding some dimension to it. maybe try looking at some other deer logos. Keep up the work, don’t get discouraged!