Logo item Hard Reject any clues?

AS it’s my 1st post here i want to say hi to all of you guys.

So i got hard reject on this logo design twice. !st time i was thinking that there were some technical issues with the file preparation as it is my 1st i’m trying to upload a logo template. Then i made all of the preparations with the files i found on forum and again i’ve got a hard reject without feedback why it was rejected.

Please can you tell me if the logo quality is to low to be sell on envato or there is any other reason you can know?
I know it’s not a killer design bu i’ve seen far worse on the market. Thanks and regards

Someone? please feedback.

Personally i quite like the logo icon tho I could say that the “Company Name” and the slogan part looks a bit amateurish. You know that’s a big submission list for the logos and Envato it’s doing their best to currate the products and that may be a cause but…in the end who knows. You could try tho changing the logo text and the slogan tho and see how’s going.

If not…you could also ask polite for a reason when you submit the logo,under the “Message to reviewer” and I’m pretty sure that they will let you know.
Wish you all the best!:slight_smile:

I share you concerns. But welcome to the Envato experience. Where even good designs go to die.

As the above poster stated…"…in the end who knows". Is the logo design a full .AI?

Keep at it! Good luck!

Thanks for your reply. Yes it’s made in AI without any raster elements. It’s full vectorized i even used the file Envato provide as a template for submiting designs. No idea i gave up on this design. Will try with some others :slight_smile: Thasnk and regards.