Logo design template for start up got hard reject. Can you help me understand why?

Hi everyone!

I’m new on Envato and I just uploaded my first design last week… just to get rejected after 7 days. When I tried to determine why, I got generic answer, and the advice to upload it here and ask for your opinion. So here I am! Anyone got any ideas why they hard rejected me?

By the way - I “did my homework” and read everything they said on the topic and here are my guesses:

  • Envato has too many logos with rockets: I saw that there are moderate number of logos with rockets or for start ups uploaded on Graphic river, so I decided that this design would be fitting for a first entry. However after I read the article about possible reasons why my item could be hard rejected, I kind of suspect that they felt that my item is not contributing to the variety of logos on the website.

  • I did not list my used resources for the making of the preview images of the logo - too late did I see that they make authors list resources (such as mockups and photos). I’ve used only CC0 resources that are allowed to be used by Envato standards, but I did forgot to link the sources when I submitted the item, since I was under the impression that it’s necessary only if you’ve used them in your end files.

  • I used 7-zip to create my zip files and they couldn’t open the zips and actually see what I submitted: again I did not see that the system sometimes gets bugs when this compressing program was used until after I got my hard rejection.

  • They’re simply not looking for any more logo submissions at this point - I also consider this an option, since I saw that logos are not exactly trending over at Graphic river, so this might be the case too.

What do you guys think? What could be the issue?

Otherwise I prepared my logo layered, fully editable, in two colour versions in the end files, solid silhouette black and the final files come in ai, eps and psd. Also as a bonus I added two variations of the logo - vertical and horizontal. And of course - I used free fonts + prepared a nice help file with detailed description.


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hi, indeed, there are 3 things for sure. First of all, this category is a very tough ones, probably even the toughest one. Second, the reasons for this item to be hard rejected are very unlikely to be a “preparation issue” as not only are u a newbie, but i have never heard about that a file lacking was bringing the item to be hard rejected. If they feel like the work is ok, they will soft reject and let u know what u need to add so that u can arrange, repost and get approved. Finally, the third thing is that u are wrong, there are tons of logos with a rocket and indeed, as for i know they refuse a great deal of them for this matter. At a time, almost all guys were bringing a logo with a rocket and now it looks like this is almost impossible to have the thing accepted as long as it has to deal with a rocket.

however, i also tend to believe that the theme is not the only reason why u had this item hard rejected. U have to be aware that here u are much expected to work much on the typo and your logo is definitely clean but the typo part is a bit flat / lacking a bit originality or at least lacking having more typo combinations

i hope it could help you , have a nice day


Hi n2n44!

First, HUGE thank you for the detailed answer! I really hoped that someone with more experience on the market will answer me and your answer really did help me a lot!

Just a few more small questions/details:

  • “First of all, this category is a very tough ones, probably even the toughest one”: as I understand from you is that Envato market is currently very strict with their logo submissions and are declining a lot of ok logos just because the market is oversaturated and are only allowing the best. Thanks for that clarification - that means that I can focus on uploading something else in the meantime, at least till I get some portfolio items approved.

  • I also get that I chose a particularly challenging theme with the whole start up/rocket symbols, since you were so kind to explain this one into more detail.

  • the typo advice you gave me is very valuable! Thanks for that, i’d definitely look into that for the future! I was actually aiming to do the opposite thing - leave the typography as bland as possible, so it could fit more businesses, but now I understand that might have been an issue.

  • Last question - since logo category is a very tough one, what would you recommend as the “easiest” to get my first submission through? I’m sitting on a lot of design materials made from scratch that could be polished and uploaded right now, and it would be great if you could give me some advice in that field. I have branding/identity materials (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders, whole branding packages), print design (flyers, brochures), packaging and labels, icon packs, social media kits, banners… and more, so I would definitely appreciate it if you could give me some advice about what would be the next best step and niche/theme I could do!

By the way - your answer really helped me to relax a bit about technical issues. Since no one from their support team didn’t address that issue, I got a bit scared that there’s no point in uploading any more designs if there’s a chace that they’re going to hard reject them just based on some preparation issue I wasn’t aware of. I now know from you (I took the liberty of checking your profile and for 5 years of experience here you certainly must know what you’re talking about) that this is not going to be an issue, so I can continue to submit! Thanks again!

All the best,

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hi victoria, well indeed, to tell u honestly i have also a couple of logo here but i chose to focus on another category as regard to different rejections that i had in the logo cateogry. INdeed, the submissions that i posted and that had been rejected , even a big time runner of GR and expert in logos did not manage to understand why my submissions had been binned , i have seen also so many guys having their items hard rejected and that i tried to help into improving their items, that u can rest assured this is a very difficult category indeed, probably , also due to the fact that this category is one of the most interesting gain wise … as the price of a logo is higher than all other items in GR, for the fun fact i am always incredibly happy when i sell a logo as i feel like i could manage to sell several flyers in one time LOL

u are right the start up one / rocket themed one is a very tough due to the huge portfolio that they already have collected in time actually

as for the typo advice, well this is what i could observe and analyze and i do not hesitate to emphasize that a great deal of rejections are directly related to this issue

when it comes to the easiest , this is hard to tell … there are so many guys in town nowadays and thus so many items that all categories are a hardship, the special talent of an author is becoming to find a niche lol rather than being an incredible designer in the end … LOL

since u are looking for a suggestion, about the materials that u referred to , here is what i think that u should do, try to upload every single thing u have in store and whenever u get hard rejected, depending on the item, try to fix something or opt for posting in another place … (also depending on the nature of items)

finally as regard to technical issues, i hope i know what i am talking about as i try to help but u know lots of things not being told here , sometimes this is hard to be 100% sure of something, all the same. Actually, as i told u, this is such as far as i could witness or analyze from the people i could deal with about such subjects … but think, about it anyway, this would not make sense if u are interested in a quality item - especially with a newbie - to hard reject this quality content for a matter of misunderstanding of the process … (if u were doing repeatedly this could be another story indeed)

besides to tell u honestly, even experienced GR designers like me, sometimes we forget something and whenever i had some “submission process issue” i was soft rejected, told to fix this or that and asked to resubmit once fixed …

i could help u Victoria :slight_smile:
have a good sunday

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Hey again n2n44!

Thank you for the encouraging words! I’ll definitely polish and try to upload some of my other works - I guess that if they approve something right away, i’d just be sure to upload more of this type of materials or adjust as I go! That really seems to be the best option - just try different types of design materials and see what GR is looking for at the moment.

Thanks again for all your help! Have a great Sunday!


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