LOGO Rejected need to know why? :)

I 've planned to sell a logo template on Envato but they rejected and don’t tell why did this happen. please, anybody, tell me why?.. because next time I don’t allow this mistake happen for my future projects.

This is my project.

Your logo has a lack of creativity and aesthetic. Overall it looks dull and amateurish. Beside the creativity there are some mandatory aspects that you need to keep in mind when you create a logo like concept, typography, composition and white space balance, colors. I’m sorry to say but your logo is far away from what a logo needs to be nowadays.

You can read this :slight_smile:

hi well for me the reason it was hard rejected was that there is toom much of a limited commercial potential because of the thing that your logo is using as a basis indeed. Let’s face it until a business has r and b too in the name this is ok but for all the others there is very limited potential

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Thank you guys…for your advice and help…i ll be care of this next time…thanks all of you once again :wink::wink::wink::wink:

this is fine pls keep in mind that u need to have wild a potential buying base as possible and your work needs to be in keeping with this requirement

got it sir

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cool indeed :slight_smile: