Logo Rejected please help me

Hi there Envato professionals. this is my first logo and declined because “the quality required to proceed is not up to standard and you will not be able to resubmit this item.” Please can you help me with some feedback. It will be much appreciated. Thanks!

It looks way too simple and not really interesting. Check out some recent Logo uploads on GraphicRiver to get some idea about required level of quality.

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i wouldn’t really say this … for me the rejection is a different issue

hi let’s start with saying that what u have done is tasteful and harmoniously presented , which turn out to be good points, now , if u ask me, the main reason why the logo is the lack of commercial potential indeed. Do not get me wrong, there could have been as the shape may fit for many activities basically anything due to the abstract side … but not as such … since, look, the logo can be redone in less than 5 minutes by anyone who knows only how to use illustrator tool … so what would most of the people do in such a case, they would probably redo it and save money as they would feel like that they would not save time out of buying anyway … not to mention that , even if the item u have created is tasteful, this is not necessarily perfect for that matter all the same … the name and tagline are not in the right proportion, the tagline should be smaller, at the moment, u have bit broken the hierarchy of information by putting everything more or less at the same size. IN addition, i am not sure what is the reason for this … this maybe be only due to the preview but the tagline seems to be using a font with higher cases and this is making it not fitting so well with the name , actually … last but not least, the typo is sort of simple and introducing some originality would definitely be welcome in my view