My logo has been rejected today, please help why?

Hello Guys
This is my first logo template got rejected by Envato Team, can someone please offer me some opinions or tips ?
Thank you in advance for your help.

hi, globally speaking, this is harmonious what u have here though to be honest , the logo that u have created is neither super adapted to logo marketplaces purposes and not really matching modern trends either. This is probably a bit too “drawn” for this and , if u ask me, definitely too detailed for logo marketplaces purposes. This is especially true here as they judge logos in small size and as u know or guess, if so , this is kind of squashing details …
i also tend to believe that the kind of game u played with the letters in the name is not really adapted either as people will probably very unlikely to do the same if the logo had been approved and someone had bought it …
for me the tagline and name are not in the right proportion as the tagline a bit too small at this stage all the same
one of the bad things to avoid is to use some colors for name and tagline that are not contrasting enough with the background, as not only this is failing to value your work but this gets u into violating a basic design principle (contrast) that brings further trouble to the table as this impacts negatively the readability

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Thank you for your valuable comment. This is very useful.
Thanks again, have a good days.

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hi u are welcome , happy if it could help u , good work and good luck for the next submissions :slight_smile: