Help me My Item Rejected Again

Hi, i don’t really know what is wrong with my logos. i have send 5 logo and all of them hard rejected!

this is one of my logos:

and this is the source file! :
can someone check out the source file please?

(sorry for my bad english)

I think it is not creative as envato needs…

hi indeed, this is not surprising that u have sone rejected indeed. All are a bit too close from one another and they may accept one but no more for that matter … otherwise they have probably rejected because they are not fond of what u did here … they normally seem not to like much textures, small line (that are not this visible when u see the logo in small size) and they particular pay attention about typos and tyo associations when yours is not very impressive indeed, this loos a bit too much teh same family as comic sans ms if u ask me … not to mention that they probably expect teh tagline to be in a more lisible typo … do not lose enthousiasm, keep fighting and doing your best and i will cross fingers for u to have your next items accepted

hi this is not bad but i think u need a little more originality and work on this one and that u really need to rework the typo that is not matching very well according to me … good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you all.