Logo template got rejected need help in finding what I did wrong

Hi everyone,
I need help understanding what I am doing wrong here on Envato.
a couple of years ago I put effort and added some logo templates and they usually got rejected after a couple of tries I had one of my templates accepted and it is still on my portfolio.
I recently again tried to add some best of the collection and added two of my best designs here but I still got rejected. I have almost 7 years of experience in logo design and have worked with many people. I am unable to understand what my templates have wrong in them due to which they get rejected most of the time.
Here is a link to the preview I added.

Let me know if You need more details on it.

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I think that lines for draw need improvements, error pexels not good quality for see image, lack that you need add below of the text logo “your tagline here” or “your company” but I love your logos need improvements your logos… regards.

Good idea but bad execution ( could be more simple/clean ) but I’m not sure this kind of logos are still wanted.

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Thanks for the insight. preview image was 590 px in width so it loads faster other files in the item package all were high resolution.
can you explain a bit about error pixels? I didn’t understand that part sorry.

about the tagline is it a must in templates?

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I tried to make it as minimal as I can but how do you think it can be simpler than this?

your images upload from https://pasteboard.co/ maybe not good pixels but your can upload images pixels as your wish you can more big. It’s not important.

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It’s just the style of how you draw the logo. There’re too many details.

hi I think that what u have here is , at best, a custom logo and not a template indeed. The fact of the matter is that this is too detailed and lines that u have are too thin. As for I understand, here , logos are considered in small size and I think that if u scale your logo down the logo to a small size, u will have a better understanding of what is not ok with it at this stage. Too detailed, too thin in terms of lines as I mentioned until this makes the logo look rather difficult to distinguish. I believe that u are expected to bring something more icon-like to the table and to have a global concept which is a bit more original, too. The marketplace is not the same as it used to be and , indeed, this is rather niches that people should aspire to reach. I also consider the typo as not matching super well and this issue is more of a problem, when, in addition, there is no real imbrication between the illustration and the text part. Right now, they look somehow disconnected, when they should rather imbricate


Thank you so much for the insights. I think I’ll need to rethink the mindset I need to have while creating templates.