My Logo template got rejected, Please help me out whats wrong with my designs

I’ve uploaded my 3 logos as logo template but all those got rejected and getting a response from the Envato Market that we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward

I don’t know where the problem is while when I see other author’s logo those was very average designs.

My question is: is there any problem with the files I am submitting or something else. I need you guys to help me out with your esteemed experience.


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Hi, as for me i think that there are several things to say about these templates, i just wish u could have made one thread for one logo, which is more convenient indeed. Anyway, let’s gets started

natural state
for me this is the better one of the whole 3 indeed. The concept is clear and the execution is globally good in my view and there are more sideway things to say rather than very serious thing to point out, if u ask me. I guess the main and most important is the typo. Here in GR, no matter where u are posting, expectations are high when it comes to this point. But, the thing is that what u have here keeps being rather flat and could definitely be improved by introducing more variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality indeed. This gets even more obvious when u chose a rather surprising and not so punchy combination of colors which is offering too little contrast, thus making the tagline almost more visible than the title , despite the difference as far as size goes … maybe a slight improvement of the shadow would be welcome, or simply getting rid of it, up to u …

writing institute
there is a bit originality brought to the table by the concept itself but the whole logo looks rather flat if u ask me , this is globally lacking relief and punch, not to mention that the style is not super modern in my view. Do not get me wrong, this is not bad but maybe putting a bit more into it would help, including by fixing some things here and there. Once again one of the major issues is the typo, this looks clean and clear but this is also rather flat and the fact tha the tagline is missing, is basically contributing to flattening the whole logo , since, at the moment, u have only one level of information, no variation, no font combination and a part of the main name being not prevailing as the other one, without we manage to understand why< let’s also face it, this technique to alternate colors in the name has been seen over and over and over again until this does not really bring anything to table if u ask me. I would recommend then that u pay more attention about preview files, as the white and yellow one are clearly lacking contrats and turn out to be rather counterproductive rather than any other thing in the end … pls keep in mind that the preview is not only an interface between u your work and the reviewer and the potential buyer but this is also supposed to be a “selling material”, it must then pop out and impress, have much impact at the very minimum. I also tend to believe that the hat is lacking a bit relief all the same and that the imbrication between text and illustration would be better if both part were drawn closer …

hero portal
well to be honest apart from the H looking not so good, the understanding of what the illustration is standing for is not completely immediate and intuitive and this is a bit of an issue in my opinion … I am also having doubts when it comes to the logo being easily adaptable in case the buyer would have another style of “h” inside the cloak. The imbrication of both illustration and text part is not so good, u should draw both parts closer , they would also immediately look more connected to each other in the process … besides, the disconnection is increased by the discontinued use of colors … black sort of comes out of the blue ad is not overly aesthetic in my view. I would also recommend that u do not put previews displaying only the illustration and not the associated name … the first preview is also not being aligned horizontally with the background behind and this is disturbing visually speaking

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@n2n44 thank you for your detailed recommendation I’ll improve those points in the future. But When I saw another author’s design that was average and got approved may be some issues with my files as well. Would you recommend that if I ask the reason from support team?

if u contact them for this they are supposed to tell that they are not competent for such issues … this is up to u to try contact them or not