Why my logo has been rejected? How to improve my entry? Please Help.

This is to inform you that I have uploaded 3 (three) logo templates three days ago. Envato authority reviewed and rejected it. But I think those were not copied or had a bad design so far. So I want to know the exact reason for rejection. If you consider me it will be helpful to submit error free creative design.

Your kind consideration is highly appreciated.


Sorry so much your logo typography error, you need better typography.

Thank you.

hi both parts look visually disconnected , not online terms of colors but style, too and this is breaking the harmony that u have managed to generate with the ā€œSā€. In addition, I assume that u can understand that the logo looks a little bit flat all the same as u have only the S stroke and that no effect , no color, or whatever were applied. Also, pls understand, the preview files are meant to value your work and play the part of an interface between u and your work and on the other side the review team and the potential buyer, if the work that u have done is not outstanding, this is simply not selling ā€¦ look, for instance, having a leaf going through has no interest whatsoever and instead makes the work that u have done less visible ā€¦ There is also the contrast issue ā€¦ if u put a white color logo like on a yellow background, indeed, u end up having your work really not springing out and this is not efficient a preview that u offer ā€¦