all of the uploaded logos rejected

Can you give me a hint? Maybe its something with the preview image or font?

Ok, i do understand that maybe some of them are not fit on quality but 20 designs in 3 days not one accepted? I mean … at least provide a reason so i wont end up spending days on one logo figuring out what i did wrong.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it.

It does not frustrate me that the logos were rejected, as the fact that if someone takes so much time to review your work, at least they should have a option to check some boxes that say: logo rejected, font issues, graphic issues, overall issues, etc something tangible and not a general idea.

What envato gives you is not a review process, but a general “guess the 9999 posible reasons why i don’t like your design”. But even so, it does not matter, because unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

BUT you can ask others to interpret the mistakes. Even if we are hired to do this, others can do it for free because we cant click on a check reason box.

Very bad way of dealing this. Very frustrating :smile:

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hi as for me i see many reasons why your item may have been rejected indeed. Actually, we may agree with it or not but the fact of the matter is that typo is crucial here, they expect u not only to have original font combinations, to have a professional and harmonious typo matching the style and being outstanding and not the kind of fonts or combos that anyone can use in most cases … here u have a clean typo but originality is lacking and combinations are kind of lacking, too …in addition, i am really not sure about the proportion between title and tagline …
honestly i also personally have a problem to identify what is the relationship between the illustration part and the theme and title , which is a subsequent problem in my view , not to mention that this is not in a trendy style , i mean what is usually done in terms of logo today (using white spaces) …
u have also no relationship between texts color and the logo part … which makes us kind of belief that there is no link between both parts when this should be the other way around indeed …
the review process is not perfect and i am not going to say the opposit, though this is indispensable … this is clear that u may have as many reasons as people answering providing u with possible reasons of the rejection u had here, but at least u have a clue , this may be interesting for u to consider …
finally u have to identify that this category is probably the most difficult of all, certainly because a lot of things have been posted there and that a lot of people try to take part in this category since this is where the item is the best “money maker” and thus where authors earn the most per sale … but the problem is that this pushes all guys to try to bring something new to the table when this is not this easy to do due to the large number of existing items … hence the many rejections …


Your comment clears a lot of the fog when it comes to the upload process. Thank you for your advice. I’ll try to improve here as best as possible based on your direction. Let’s see where it gets me.

On the last part, this is just one logo from 18 uploaded, all were in different categories, so the category i think it was just a small factor. I guess its most the standard they are trying to push to and the small details of what you said related to font and trend. I’ll try my best for a while and see if it’s worth the time.

Thank you again for your advice. I really appreciate it.

no the category is the same … this is the logo one, the sub category does not matter much indeed, plus do not get surprised to be hard rejected lol i criticised slightly in this thread saying it was not perfect and oh surprise! my item was hard rejected lol - and none of the people to whom i showed can be believe it was hard rejected as they all liked it much … - when a guy had made a lower quality copy of the concerned item could make it before me … (as i made the mistake to post in a social network , before posting it here … what is strongly recommend not to do) in other words, copy pays off! and originality is the real deal here (at least people say so lol), this is several time that my items are hard rejected but copycats come up with a lower quality lookalike carbon copy of my items and make it lol thus i can only advice u not to say anything negative in a thread … this is of no use anyways …

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With your number of sales, uploads and especially quality of work its hard to imagine you getting a rejection. But it does happen apparently. So sorry to hear that.

I’m new here, but not at all new to logo design/sales with 10+ years in this area, copycats are a huge problem. Monthly i have to send copyright infringements notices so my logos will be bought or removed from people that use them without my permission. Its really hard to deal with such people, and at least once in 7 cases my lawyer has to get involved. It’s very frustrating but for the moment at least all of the cases were solved eventually.

I would never say something negative in the forums, i am not mad about the rejections, rejections are a normal process on any store i know, its mostly about the fog of confusion about the way and the reasons they are rejected. And i’m still trying to understand how things work here and what i need to do. I do have a friend that sells logos here and he was no help :)) he told me that i still get 50% of my logos rejected, but its still hard for him to understand the reasons sometimes.

So this time i uploaded some of my best work and i will wait to see what happens.