Logo Rejection :(

Hi All,

This morning I had a logo I created rejected stating “isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on GraphicRiver.” I’m not too sure what I can do to improve it and there are a few similar logos on here which are just as simple as what I have created (for example THIS ONE).

Any one know why this may have been rejected whereas others which look just as simple are approved?


hi indeed i think that u have to identify that here typos are much of an issue and that this is unlikely that they accept something with a rather usual looking typo … in addition, they may consider , legitimately enough or not , that commercially the potentially is restricted because u use two letters and that potentially customers must need the same ones … which is something that is not going to happen all the time …

Thanks for the reply n2n44, I do see what you’re saying but I use a generic font as people may not want to use the same don’t I used and it’s only for the preview just like the actual business names are. The two letters does restrict it but personally I don’t see why that should stop it from being approved as there could be only a few people who need it but it would still be making Envato money.

Does make it hard to fully understand exactly what Envato are looking for when they don’t give a reason for rejection or any constructive criticism :frowning:

i have never said that this policy made sense buddy , indeed, if u see all my comments lol u will see that i have already mentioned that for me this is quite a weird guideline as colors and fonts are the easiest things for buyers to change and for them to have something more in keeping with their tastes and styles … they are the easiest part to edit so that they appropriate your work … and for those who do not know about it , people always change something in order to do … .

however, u are not ignoring that there is nothing that we can change here anyway, whether we like it or not, we have to adapt to what we are asked …

[quote=“mattm3, post:3, topic:51801”]
I don’t see why that should stop it from being approved
[/quote] well i have the asnwer for you buddy because they have tons of items and need to reject more and more nowadays with teh still growing number of items, authors and submissions, also in order to make sure that people can have a few sales with their approved items … . In the end, they just do not want to bother with some items that are not having a commercial direct usability right from the beginning or a more limited potential indeed, that’s all … this is thus also because they suspect that u do not sell much for the reasons that i exposed …

do not waste your time trying to understand what they really want , the system is full of incoherence and inconsistencies and u will always find examples to prove yourself wrong if u start thinking this or that … just go ahead , try to raise your skills and the quality or your items again, that is all u can do and, until they do accept all your items, find another place to sell your rejected stuffs that they do not want to pu on sale here … the lucky thing is that for logos places are numerous normally, unlike what happens with all other things actually

also do not expect any feedback because reviewers do not have time for these kinds of issues and that envato does not want to pay more for this. In addition, if they did just this, this basically means that envato would be embarrassed to ever give some anyway as they would have to justify that this is only a matter of taste sometimes … (because there is somethign subjective in what we all do …) as well as they would have to justify the numerous things completely out of this world that are going on and the incredibly flat things that are going through here, too, when better items do not make it … so not convenient to say the least …

Yeah it’s a shame that the system isn’t as good as it should be but we just have to deal with its I suppose, I think I will just stick with creating flyers for GraphicRiver as that’s seems to be one field I can get stuff approved on here :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your responses mate :slight_smile:

the flyer category and especially the one of party flyer is not a low quality one indeed, this is the other way around, i can give u tons of names of great designers in GR and believe me this is more and difficult to sell here … (i know what i am talking about)

indeed, even if this is not at its best because they let go too many flat or quickly done things by a few guys , this is still a good quality category all teh same. without the mentioned items , well this category would be a killing one, it is this simple, with the greta artists and styles that u can find here (for examples the likes of Yaniv-k, Industrykidz, Yellow Emperor, Stormclub and so on and so forth, sorry to the lots of guys that i have a huge respect for and that i did not name …) all these guys are huge designers and honor the category

Yeah I’ve seen some of these guys work before and they’re great, some I haven’t and will have to check out but I’m sure they’re just as great as the ones I do know :slight_smile:

Hard Luck mate.

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sure they are :slight_smile: