Rejected Logo - What is wrong with my design?

Hey fellow authors,

As lately ALL my logo designs are getting rejected, i want to have your opinion on some of my logo’s.

Here is my latest creation:

Let me know, what you think.

BTW: There are no open paths, missing or wrong font links. All files are well documented like my all my latest products.

The mountains look a bit imbalanced, with the large shadow area on the right dominating a bit too much maybe. Plus the dotted lines and stuff around the edge make it a bit busy looking, it could be polished up to have a cleaner look.

Hi mate,
Your logo looks fine to me, well executed, with commercial potential, like the rest of works from your portfolio so in my opinion the problem of rejections is not in the quality of your work.
I know how you feel, I’m in the same situation, with all my logos rejected in the last three weeks. It is annoying, frustrating, but we can’t do anything to change this new strategy of Envato, so keep your head up and try to sell your work on other marketplaces if you don’t want to waste your time for nothing.
Good luck!


Thanks for your reply, really appreciate the feedback!

Due the fact that really everything get’s rejected lately and i see other more average work getting approved i’m in doubt of changing the logo. I has to do with other factors.

I think it’s good and unique enough for a logo template which costs 32 dollar.

Maybe i will keep it as it is and try to sell it on a different market.

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I worked hard to be an elite author, but since i am one, i’m only frustrated.

99% get’s rejected. I can’t keep working on a logo over and over again till its perfect for one reviewer. Compared with other works here, we have quality items which have potential for sales.

Thanks for your reply, appreciate it!


Your logo looks neat and just fine!
I believe there should be something wrong with something else.

Maybe the size, quality, or even maybe its somehow look like a logo that already exists on the market.

If Envato could give more insight on “what is wrong”, things could get easier for authors.


Thnx for you reply and compliment!

Size and quality are just like all my other logo designs on this market. All latest standards are included.

I don’t think its to similar to another logo. I see some of the latest uploads which look a lot like others (i can’t post links in this forum).

It just doesn’t make sense because all my logo uploads are getting rejected.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It definitely looks good, but it also seems a bit busy, especially during a time where everything in the logos category is extremely simple.

Now onto the topic of:

I’ve bought many logos from GraphicRiver in the last few years, and consequently, I’ve frequently monitored that category for new items.

You’ve been in my follow feed for years, too. Lately, your logos stopped popping up so frequently. I thought perhaps you were going inactive!

It seems like design styles which used to be accepted en masse are no longer getting through. I would not buy any of the logos that have been accepted lately. It’s not that they are poorly designed, but their styles definitely don’t meet my “modern tech logo” requirements like those of yours and many others whose portfolios have suddenly stopped growing.

I wonder what has changed? It’s very disheartening to see, and kind of leaves a feeling of hopelessness. :fearful:


Thanks for the reply! It’s a complement for me that you followed my work and like it.

A lot of the authors that i got inspired from are gone, just because they are done with not getting stuff approved.

My rejected logo’s are being sold on other markets but not at a volume like on Envato. Thats why i would love to have my logos here.

I notice one thing in this last months.
They approved one or rarely two logo per day. If you are the lucky choose they approve it

I try to upload here a lot of good logos that is systematically rejected… I upload them on Dribbble and Logopond (designer networks) and were gallerized and receive a lot of many positive consents. I sell it in other marketplaces and have a good sales.

Thats no more a meaning of quality. And thats really sad and no professional


Dear Staff,

Are there any specific rules for setting up Color Management Policies in Adobe Illustrator Color Settings?

I use “Europe General Purpose 2” with Working Spaces: RGB - sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and CMYK - Coated FOGRA27 (ICO 12647-2:2004).
Color Management Policies: RGB - Preserve Embedded Profiles and CMYK - Preserve Numbers (Ignore Linked Profiles).

I use the correct settings?:face_with_monocle: