I need serious and valuable feedback from successful authors please! I need to know what's wrong with my items.

Hello Guys,
Could you please check the attached logos, all rejected at the same time… I’m really confused and I don’t understand why? I’m not saying I’m the best logo designer but to be honest I can see a lot of less quality designs approved… I would really appreciate if some experienced authors can give me some valuable feedback on how to improve my work to be accepted and what was wrong with my rejected logos. It takes a lot of time to have an item ready to upload as you may know and I really hate to lose my time each time for nothing. PLEASE HELP ME. Much appreciated. logos

Hi apparently a lot of people are having hard rejected, the sad part is the hard reject don’t help anything, it hasn’t any comments.

Your logos look amazing, I don’t know why they would reject them, there a lot of good work like yours here being rejected.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks for your comment, to be honest I don’t think I can continue to work, it’s really frustrating to see some bad designs being accepted while others good designs are not… I think at least for new authors the reviewer team should explain why the design was rejected even it is a hard rejection, so authors will take in consideration the feedback and try to improve the quality of their design or don’t do the same mistakes over and over… It takes really a lot of time and effort to design and prepare the files + the presentation images to submit a new item… So I really need some constructive feedback to move forward and continue the adventure in envato market. I suggest that we make a call to the envato team to take this though in consideration. New authors should have a special support and guidance for at least 2 months.

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Yeah, I agree. If you look there are only a few authors who pass the review and here there a lot of topics from people talking about being rejected, I don’t know what is wrong here, but they should reconsider some of these hard rejects.

I just want to understand what is wrong about it, to improve and move on.

I have the same problem…

I tried with about 20 logos, I am exhausted. I don’t understand where is the problem.

Always i get the same message:

“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of " X Logo” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again."

I see no one wants to give a precise answer.


so what should we do how we can improve the design? How a single know what wrong with the design why its rejected?

I think playon is the best, then infinity, then sailord, protec, healthy dog and autoshop. Playon is the closest to the standard when it comes to getting accepted, the design, the colours and the font are all reasonable, but there’s so many ‘play’ related icon type logos that it has to be really unique and bring something new to the table.

When logos first started the quality standard wasn’t as high, as they wanted to get a large amount of content through the door… now there’s masses to choose from they’re a lot more critical when it comes to approval. It’s one of the hardest categories to get accepted in.

While I think the three on the left aren’t bad, the three on the right are pretty far off the standard. Protek looks very 90’s, healthy dogs uses a really bad colour combination and autoshop… the colours could be better, not keen on the kerning in the text and/or the font, and the icon type thing is not very nice. It’s not immediately apparent that you’re going for a negative space car… at that size it just looks like a badly conceived swipe/swoosh.


You will never know why your design is rejected, which is very helpful, especially for new Authors :-/
Below is what I get as response from envato support team:

Thanks for reaching out.

We spoke about rejections last time and its great to see you have taken the steps to getting wider feedback on your rejected items. They are talking about this useless post here.
"I believe envato support team should provide a special support and guidance for new author for at least 2 months."
This was my suggestion, and here is the response:
As explained in detail in my previous email, we cannot provide the feedback you are asking for, it is just not sustainable for us to do this so this is not something Envato can help with.


Thanks @SpaceStockFootage for your comment, I really appreciate it and I believe it can help. However your though may not be the same as the envato reviewer team… Maybe they don’t just feel the designs… That’s why a 2 or 3 feedback words are really appreciated from them even it is a hard rejection, its only take 10 seconds… it could be as simple as, bad font, bad color combination or simply bad design… This could help a lot author to understand the standard quality of envato market and what’s wrong with the designs rejected… And of course this will gain a valuable time for authors too.
I pretty sure my designs are better than some approved designs so this is really frustrating… Also this really discourage me to try again, ignoring reason of rejection means losing probably a lot of time for nothing again and again…
I hope envato could take this in consideration as it seem to be a common issue for many author on here.