My Submission is yet again rejected, why? Feedback Please.

Greeting great designers,
My new submission is again reject by Envato team with no useful feedback other than the usual “Not Meeting Our Standards” comment. Can any one help to improve my skills and submit something that can be accepted for once. Can I resubmit after making changes to my designs?

and this is the first Logo Template

Any feedback to improve is most welcome :slight_smile:

The horse logo is cute but the mane is confused. Improve the lines. In the second logo the two fonts do not work are too different. The leaf shape is irregular, it is not pretty. Capitalize in the tagline is not good.

  • keeping earth greener
  • Keeping Earth Greener.

Hey Alessio,
Thanks for the positive and constructive feedback. I will re-work on the logos.

Can you elaborate further on the “improving the lines” statement, any suggestions.
Also, can you suggest any fonts to be used for the leaf logo.



The second logo in my opinion, you can discard it.


The height of the fonts is a mistake to avoid.

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Hi Alessio,
I have made the suggested improvements. Thanks a million for putting time and effort to help me and to provide your valuable feedback. Much appreciated.


Now it’s better

The logo is again rejected?!!!

This is the message i recieved from Envato team:
[Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Stallion Horse Logo” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item. And we’d be happy to help make sure your next entry will meet our submission requirements]

Can someone tell me what am I not doing right?
What is the “Quality Standard”?
Is it the design?
Is it the fonts?
Is it the colors?
Is it the name of the logo?
Is it the file structure and version?

Again, your help is valuable and appreciated.


Hi orientate, I’m sorry to hear that the logo has been rejected again. In my opinion the logo is good. I have seen the worst in the market.

A tip I can give you, if it is rejected on this market, upload the logo to another market. Never throw anything ^^.

Hi Alessio
This is my logo after modification.

Any further suggestions?


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It’s looking better, but I think some further cleaning up is needed. Parts where the triangles are overlapping and creating smaller shapes could be simplified, but also overall I think it may still be a bit too messy looking. The colours could also look a bit more organised, like if it’s a gradient from purple at the bottom to yellow at the top, for example. The text slogan needs to be centred properly too .

Thanks Toivo,
What about uploading process and file naming and other technical requirements. As I get rejections with automated fixed message. The same message exactly every time for different designs.

by the way this design was inspired by a popular item in the market, which had all the flaws you have just mentioned, apart from slogan miss-alignment.


Can you link to the item? I’m curious to see it. With technical issues, they usually “soft reject” your item and tell you what you need to change. If you’re getting the generic “quality requirements” message it should be because the design wasn’t considered good enough.

OK fair enough, I don’t see that much difference in the quality of that one. Although the negative spaces look nicer and a bit cleaner, the nice angular shapes of the lion’s face. But there’s a bit of a problem here - you’ve really just copied the logo exactly but with a different animal. You’ve even used the exact same colour scheme, and the top parts of the head are nearly identical. So probably that author would be entirely within their rights to send you a DMCA and get your item removed. It’s OK to be inspired by other items but you have to bring something a bit different to yours.

probably you are right.
Can you check my other design that got rejected, please.

Thanks Toivo

That “Rabbit” text looks very familiar? Is it completely original?

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No it is not, it was inspired by another design of an elephant.

I was told to do similar things for my items to be accepted.

What about the other logo (Falcon)?!! Any comments?!

My concern now is not the rejection. I need to know whether my items are rejected based on the design and creativity or on my submission process!! Since I get the same automated message

My files are well organized with proper names for layers, groups and paths.
I use modern and trendy fonts from google and font squirrel.
Logo files: and logoname.eps
Thumbnail: thumbnail.jpg or thumbnail.png at 80x80
Preview Image: preview.jpg 590x999
Screenshots: 01_preview_1.jpg, 02_preview_2.jpg etc
Help file: readme.txt

All zipped using winrar to avoid issues

So if rejections are based on my design skills I will continue to learn and improve my skills and designs

If it is to do with files preparations, then I need to get more information.


I already told you: With technical issues, they “soft reject” your item and tell you what you need to change. If you’re getting the generic “quality requirements” message it’s because the design wasn’t considered good enough.

Looking at the logos you’ve posted here, I would expect them all to be rejected on quality.