Hard Rejects with no words, it's not acceptable.

Hi, i have more than 20 logo rejected, i’m new to GR but not new as a Designer.
more than 8 years i design logos. (and nothing more, just logo)

from more than 20 uploaded logos i got 1 approved.
and to be honest, that wasn’t best one in my opinion as creator of those logos.
respect to all authors - i see lot of b******t approved logos every day and i tell myself:
there is something that i don’t know…

this is the last rejected one:

i don’t say it’s perfect, but if they reject, why don’t say why they did so?
for any reason they don’t say - it’s not acceptable for me.

why they don’t want designers know their mistakes and improve?
(for example if my vector design have mistakes, they can tell me so i know it and stop designing logos like that and stop wasting their time and mine!)

and of course i don’t waste my time in GR to get approved by luck.
and i wonder how the hell there is lot of authors with lot of works approved.
and of course they never say to new members “how” they get their works approved.

“not meet our quality standards”
why don’t say anything about your quality standards?
why we should waste lot of time to meet your standards BY LUCK?

it’s like a gamble and i don’t like it.
in my personal site i can sell my every single work easily.
i just don’t waste my time anymore sorry.


They’ve rejected it because they feel it doesn’t meet the level of quality required to be accepted on the marketplace. I guess the level of quality can’t really be defined or put into writing, as creative works are always going to be subjective. And if they told you how to improve it, then they’d essentially be dictating what the final item should look like, which wouldn’t be right… and it would increase the review times considerably if they gave custom feedback for every rejection.

Personally, I like the colour combinations and the fact you’ve used negative space, but I’m not too keen on the overall design and I think the fonts look a bit basic.

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Thank you so much for reply.

“I guess the level of quality can’t really be defined or put into writing”

so how main admins of GR, tell reviewers about accept or reject logos?
if it’s all personal, then it’s even worse.

for example you said why you think this design have problems and that’s understandable for me.
but funny thing even if i fix those it will get rejected again, by the way, they said i cant submit it again.


They’ll have some kind of process, so it’s not completely random. Styles that Envato like, examples of what would be approved and what wouldn’t etc. I mean, think about it… if you were writing a document for new reviewers on what to approve and what to reject, what would it contain? It’s bound to contain words like ‘x must be good’ or ‘x must be of a high standard’ etc, but how do you define ‘good’ or of a ‘high standard’?

You’re probably better focussing on getting 1 item approved rather than 20… spend some time making the best logo you can. 20 logos like your current item will make you $10 a month… but 1 very high quality logo could make you $140 a month.

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Thanks again for advise.

i still think there is some mistakes i do in my designs…

and all i said it’s i don’t know what is that.
(for example maybe it’s font problem like u said)