Logo Reject!!! Why?!


Most of the last logos I uploaded were rejected! Why! The designs are as crisp and stylish as ever. Contrast and special designs.

Work belonging to other users is confirmed. But other accepted logos are mediocre and bad. What are the approval and rejection criteria? I know the rules of the site, and that way I prepare. Did your understanding of the logo change? Are there new logo design guidelines?

My work is not published on the site recently because of rejection.

Soft rejected not used anymore? And no explanation is given. Automatic reply is sent!

For your information.

hi, i hope this is not the reason … as for me, the only thing that is not good enough is the tagline lol i also know that this is making less sense but i have the feeling that maybe the logo woulf have been better with network being in orange color and maybe the tagling the same color as network

despite i have nothing to say against it, typo could be the issue as this is the reason for 90 % of logo rejections lol kidding but so much of an issue that if u do not know u can guess this is about this lol

i also agree with u this is sad that soft rejections seem to be a thing reserved to small technical problems only … i assume that all typo issues should open the door to soft rejections and an opportunity to get to know what is supposed to be wrong so that it could be fixed … unfortunately we are far from this as they are less and less being used (maybe because this means that the item goes back to the queue … lol)

I checked your account and you do not have any logo work. Your design understanding is not suitable for making logos. However, you are still evaluating my logos. The mistake here belongs to Envato. It should limit your jurisdictions. In particular, it should warn you about your way of speaking.

LOL so u are sherlock holmes lol i have two!
besides some others have been hard rejected for reasons that some senior logo makers here still try to identify , now try to discredit me as much as u wish, no problem, but, just for information, i have created a good deals of logos for the agency i am working for (regular job) and i have a 14 years experience in the design industry

as for my way of speaking i have no idea of what u are talking about and what is your problem, so pls , express yourself to make all this clear and let’s settle things up!

for your info and further understanding, the thing i said was not against u but if u feel like thinking this way, pls make yourself happy ! lol

by teh way , stop trying to do as if u want to know when u seem to be dead sure that there is nothing wrong with your item, so do not ask anything, keep doing the same thing and good luck

what i mentioned about teh tagline, whether u like it or not , is true now as i expressed this is not a sufficient reason to hard reject your item but maybe u were expecting me to tell that this was normal that your item was hard rejected LOL

euh otherwise, pls tell me how people will do if they need to make your shadow when they need a one color version lol i am definitely expecting to get to know lol but as u said i am a donkey that knows nothing about logos lol

I do not know you. I have no personal problems with you. But I do not know what the experiential volume is. Are you a low-level designer? Top level? How many brands have you done in the world? What is your education status? I do not know.

I know that! This is my page.

This is my logo. They all have the same style. Why did you reject designs that everyone has seen and approved?

Is there a problem with me or with my designs?

Just be more careful when you do your review. And there is a labor for them. This is very important in this respect. My name is the same global as my username.

I repeat. I do not know you. Now I have an idea about you.

It’s easy to refuse to work. Because it’s fast, simple and practical. But not sincere. Somebody with good intentions will not do it. Finding ideas is harder than making corrections. Attentive people are helping by choosing soft reject. They want to protect the idea by making a statement. Here completely malevolent behavior. That’s what your behavior is malicious. No explanation. No information. Automatic mail. Very good very successful.

If you say you’re a good person. Tell me what you need to fix on the design. I perform reinstallation after performing fixes.

But this is a hard reject. No turning back! Then you are not a good person!

to answer your questions, i am the kind of donkey that u feel like i am lol i have a master degree in languages and have been working in an agency for 14 years , doing freelance works on regular basis and selling here ever since the end of 2013, and nothing of all this means i am better than the other guys … some are less experienced and more talented , u can find everything in this world fron geniuses that create huge things when they opened photoshop for the first time a couple of years ago and show incredible talent (like my friend Matteogianfreda) to some experienced guys who have been doing poor designs for years …

as u could understand , basically this is impossible to get to answer your questions , especially as regard to our own skills unless someone is full with himself …

as for your logos, u have your style, this is not my habit to criticize other guys … and not my intetion either . indeed, as i mentioned i did not feel like your item had to be hard rejected , but, believe me if some other guys had answered your thread and had told u what they feel about your item, your ears would be painful with the thing that u would have heard … because osme guys are wayyyyyy harsher than me and waaaaaayyy more demanding too. Now , try to figure this out, no one knows what’s wrong indeed BUT the guy who hard rejected ONLY, if u come here and u are not open minded to get to know what could have been wrong , then , just do not come to ask this is better for all people

as for me, for my first hard rejected logo, i went to ask an expert from here Dany / Opaq and he let me know that i had made something not appropriate … we cannot know it all … i changed my item at the time as he adviced and the thing was hard rejected again … so what do u think abut this?

if u had an idea about me buddy u would have read my post everywhere and see how i defend all authors against the incoherences and the decisions that are made (especially about the reviewing) and not favoring authors (including regular criticism of teh reviewing system as it it today since far from perfect) … but pls keep on failing to read and judging other people who try to help u …

i have told times and times again in this forums that thsi is not fair that feedback is not given to people who have their items hard rejected … did it change anything? and where were the other guys to back me up so that it changes? some were here lots of them were no where to be seen … u included as for i know …

I do not want to tire you any more. You have an account here and you are selling. This is a forum and everyone sees it. You need to give rational and descriptive answers. OK. then I ask you about that. There is an accepted mass of logos on the Logo main page. These are logolar cliparts or icons. It’s not a logo. (Not applicable to all) What is the criterion? A stock vector has been named under. It’s sold as a logo. Who are those who approve of this? Can Envato look for a solution in this matter? A lot of designs filled with designs that stretched from the mode design concept began to accumulate. Far from simplicity. Unbalanced. No contrast. I do not criticize your work. But you tell me. This is not the design. Then let’s do a study away from design. It will be considered, huh? Let’s name it under an icon color. Fantastic!

The main reason for this rejection is the concept. It is overused.

maybe but a lot of concepts turn out to be … some still make it all teh same because there are guys who can still manage to bring something new to he table thanks to their creativity …