5th rejection it's really frustrating. Please help

Can any one tell me what is the problem with those logos. Why they rejected?

It looks great to me, this post show a Huge problem that is happening in Envato, the lack of consideration toward the Authors, in giving them feed back in their work, in order to fix it, I myself been 5 years a member and have just 1 approve design, I try many times and got rejected so many times that I just stop trying, is really frustrating the way Envato works, they need to change and mak it more acceptable to Authors to get approve, imagine what I have could do with all the five years wasted thanks to Envato ridiculous approval process, any way, I hope you get approve in the future, and I hope this stupid company change.

All the best

Envato Sucks


I’ve had plenty of items rejected, and also worked on some of them more and got them approved. You should look at it as a learning process. They know something about the kind of items that customers want, so if you’re making work for Envato you just have to make sure it’s at the Envato standard.

On Topic: These logos look great. I can only guess that their usage is possibly too specific, or the concept wasn’t considered sellable enough… I’m just guessing to be honest, but visually they look good enough.

Believe me, I know how frustrating rejections are, I just got a flyer rejected that I really thought was good enough. If the resubmission is rejected as well, I’ll start to agree a bit more with Ivan. :slight_smile:


Maybe it is the way the ‘A’ on your second logo is represented. On your sketches the Ascender’s are present but on your final artwork they are missing. I can see why you have done this but as a standlone logo other viewers might not get that it represents the letter A.

As ToivoMedia said it may be that they are too specific. If was to purchase these logos that company I am designing for will either need to start with M or A.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: