Soon almost a month as I have agreed to the logo for the last time. I read and reconsidered all the tuts and information on the site. I wrote to revewer messages with requests to explain - in fact there are only two and they are working for a long time, what it does not fit my work, because I do not see the obvious reason be denied.
Recently, several authors get approved items. I do not know how many of us here logos designers and so I want to ask, I think the one that the site is no objective feedback to understand why you get a rejection and try somehow to correct their mistakes?
There is someone who faced the same problems and how to solve them?
I uploaded a few logos that were refused. Maybe I’m wrong, then help me to understand.
I do not want to offend anyone, pre grace for advice and help.

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Wow! Just Wow! Looking at your logos, i realise i completely don’t understand - by what criteria the Reviewers approve or reject submissions?! Your logos(and that’s a fact! at least for me) are much, MUCH better than many of those which have been approved for sale on GR in the last few days.

I’m a newbie and still struggling to get my 1st approved submission, but your logos…some of them are at least decent designs, and speaking about Husky, Excavator, Ninja and Biscuit - i really like them, they’re cool! I wonder: what’s the reason they have been rejected? Was it a hard or soft reject?

Now i’m puzzled even more. =\

Thank you for your nice words. It was all hard rejects.(((( I hope my sad example won’t stop you. I sincerely wish you good luck!

I quit to create logos for the same reason. The review process in this category it’s very annoying and inconsistent. It’s a lottery! Your logos are very well done and I don’t see any reason for your rejection.

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Ooo!.you had same trouble(
Thank you very much! I like on this website, and more and more I come to the idea to change design direction or go to another stock. So I wonder how many like me and how they solved the problem.

Looks great. I don’t find any reason of rejection.
Is there any technical issue of rejection?

really cool logos, maybe the reason is it look similar with existing logos on listing

One I still added today! Cool!
I do not know, some general themes of logos is not much - about technique or nails - so here is difficult to say at all.

All the technical side, I reviewed a bunch of times and I do logos similar to those that have been approved. That is why it is an issue that is haunted. Support writing standard phrases - check the website or call for help from members of the community. But it turns out that someone faced a similar problem and was not able to solve it.

Hi. I have the same problem as you. Last month did not approve any logo. Rejected nearly 20 logo.
I have a portfolio of about 500 logo, so that from a technical point of view can not be a problem. Very angry. With such a policy, they will lose a lot of good authors. Your work is excellent.

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I’m sorry and I know how you feel. Given the fact that our sales profit is primarily the site itself, I do not understand their policy. Support writes standard answers and there is no change for us authors in a better way. I do not understand. I saw your pictures, they are much better than what is approved for sale!

no this is not Hortensiu … this is ruled by other things than quality most of the time here , this is it … the fatc of the matter is that the logo category has tons of authors and items (and of daily submissions as well ) and this is how we end up with a category that is not worth the drive taking part into unless u have already managed to make a name for yourself in this category … in all categories we all can see a good deal of too flat things or even sometimes a few poor things making it for sales when much better ones cannot make it … there is also a reason for this and the reason is marketing , or traffic sent on the website or however u want to call it indeed … this is not always about logos themselves. i have personally already experienced a couple of times something like this in this category by the way , i had felt strange that i had a few logo rejected at teh time and as i could judge of the quality of what i had done all the same (i am a graphic designer for 13 years now) i had the idea to submit to a friend who is a top author, an expert in logos and a graphic designes for years also so that he can tell me what is teh problem with my item and he told me that honestly he had no idea at all and that my logos were good and he could not understand …

hi if so then there should be hundreds of logos to take out from the catalogue lol the originality thing is more of an illusion than any other thing … take a look at the number of guys in the roster in this category , try to analyze how many logos they individually have (a looooottt) and u will see how almost impossible this is not to have some a bit similar things …

i am happy fo you i could see that the biscuit one could somhow some way make it , cool and this is legitimate this is a really nice item :slight_smile:

Thank you. It remains to hope for the best.

I agree with you that there are a lot of similar logos and sometimes failure can be obtained may be for this reason. But when the logo a bit, then the reasons are unclear, although the designers with great experience, too, can not say what it was. It’s nice that so many reviews and feedback from colleagues. Maybe envato team will pay attention to these things.

i mentioned about this time and time again indeed , they fail to understand that missing to deliver clear instructions, feedbacks or anything else they just make people feel like this is a “taste thing” and that the rejection was unfair. This is convenient in a way because no need to justify inconsistencies but, on the other hand , it brings a lot of insatisfaction for lots of authors which end up thinking that some are sacked or that this is lottery and they end up making system loses credit according to authors

Absolutely I agree with you! I see innovation on the site. I very much hope that we will get to change in favor of the authors.

don’t fool yourself, this is favoring their business, not authors, u have to take this for granted. BTW, if u ever think that this is the same in a way , well, not that much, because try to imagine how divided this is … there is such a huge number of authors that even if somethign profitable is brought in u cannot feel the effect of it , or almost cannot … unlike what happens with negative things and unlike what happens with envato because, in their side, they earn on every transaction and that makes a difference, this is the bottom line … u have to identify that things are not made for people but for business and this is scarcely synonymous with having authors satisfied … besides if it were any different , authors would be much more protected in many ways and they are far from being …

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There are some alternative and quality resources? I’m not a native speaker, and very badly know the international market of graphics products. Maybe you prompt me where else can I try myself to sales?