Last month, nearly all logos rejected !!


Sorry for the Google translation.

I do not know what it is connected, but my work is now permanently reject. Previously, this was not.
Who has something like that? Or am I the only one? Could it be that the checks it makes me special?

Here are some examples of rejected works.

On the technical side, I’m doing everything right, as before.

Thank you


I know logos is a really difficult place to get items accepted, too many items so reviewers are very picky. Your items look professinal, but I think they need to be super excellent to get accepted these days


i tend to agree with u, however we still see some rather flat things going through and i uses that’s how some authors can be either confused or frustrated …


hi, i don’t have much to say, indeed for me this looks good and i like in a general way, however , i think that u could slightly increase the size and the thickness of the tag lines so that they can be seen more easily , maybe it could help … ut this looks too small an issue for me however to be the reason of a hard rejection …


thanks for the advice. I’ll try, but also do not think that’s a good reason for the rejection hard.

When good work reject without reason, but only by subjective opinion of the inspection, it is very frustrating


i can easily figure out what u are trying to explain as i have been through this too (besides rather often in the logo category) and no matter how frustrating this actually is , u cannot do anything about it , there’s only one possibility that’s trying to take our games to the next levels until this is simply impossible one way or another to have the item rejected …


Yeah it’s really tough getting hard rejects. Thing with design is it often comes down to personal taste, so when reviewers are being picky because of too many item uploads, the decision to approve or reject is just based on personal preference.

I guess they feel have enough quality not to have do any soft rejects at the moment.


whether to reject, if not chosen the correct category when loading?


hi, i personally do not feel the same as u do, i most importantly tend to believe that soft rejections are more and more being used only if u have done something that u should not (like including a model in a flyer when this is not supposed to be there ) or when u have a format missing or somethign not properly prepared as expected rather than any other things. I think that apart from this this is mainly hard rejections that authors have to deal with , definitely for the reasons that u have expressed


this is somethign that envato informed us of right from the beginning and i think that they are unlikely to change just that for matters of time, that’s even more likely to happen more and more, u choose the wrong category and u get hard rejected, this is this simple …


Yeah you’re probably right. But like I say more submissions, now they don’t need to help authors get items up to the right standard if they’re getting enough items at the right quality already


no doubt about it , however this is not taking into account the fact that this is supposed to be a community too … with such a way of thinking it would be easier to close the door to new members because some new guys in town find no way to get any item approved and are sometimes desperate out of it


I have the same problem, almost everything gets rejected lately. Im still try to make new, unique logo’s with a high quality standard.

I’m really lost at the moment. I’ve uploaded my rejections to other websites and they have good sales. So i guess these are good logo’s. One of my rejections already sold 3 times in 8 days…


yeah, sometimes happen to me too…rejected here and good in others marketplaces ahah


what a platform on which you load logos?