Please help.. Hard rejection, I'm clueless

After years I decided to give it a try again to upload a logo… Only to be told it doesn’t require the standards.

I’m in this business for 18 years but don’t have a clue what’s wrong with my logo, can you guys see something?


hi Mike, sorry that the item was rejected, honestly , as for me i have no idea why indeed, i like much what u have here … though i guess that typo being a big issue here this may be a reason … but the main one is really harmonious like this if u as me … but i would though recommend that u change the tagline one … to put something potential not flat but a bit more “traditional” so that u introduce a bit variation and font combination and that the hierarchy of information gets strengthened in the process …

Thanks for you reply first of all!

The font could easily be updated as well as the tagline, but I got a hard rejection… I can’t even send it in anymore. I got rejections probably the last 5 times I sent something in, that’s why I stopped trying for years. I felt like creating things again but yet another hard rejection came my way without any comment other than the quality isn’t good enough.

If I look at recently approved logo’s I think to myself how could that be approved then, not to bash on anyone of course.

yeah i know but u have to identify that here typo is much of an option for any kind of product and that this is responsible for a great deal of rejections indeed … they put much of a stress on it … , we may think that this is legitimate or not but u have to abide by their rules … i am a designer in a small agency for 16+ years and i can tell u though that what u mentioned is true … people when u show a logo will very often try to play with it and making it “theirs” by changing the font …
u have figure out that the logo market is much of a difficult one, probably the toughest of all and one of the most saturated ones too as i guess this is due to the price that people can sell a logo, a lot of authors will try to post in this category …
the good thing is that creating a logo and having it hard rejected is never meaning trashing your work … there are many places to sell logos, so just go to post somewhere else as such or after fixing something , if u feel like it … this is up to u …

Thanks again… Don’t know if I’m trying here again due to the lack of feedback and randomness with approval.

Like this example that has been approved a couple of days ago. You can’t tell it’s better than my work right.

i can’t tell either lol especially originality wise by the way lol