my logo rejected with isn't at the quality standard required reason, do you guys have any advice?

I submitted two logos bellow, but they said it isn’t at the quality standard, do you guys have any advice for my logo design?

What standard to achieve, and is there any way to make sure the standard before submitting our logo?

Thank you,

i like this but indeed, this is slightly simple , the thing is that the logo and illustration are no imbricating so well right now, not completely properly positioned if u wish. The proportion of the tagline is not exactly the right one either it should be a bit bigger and the typo is a bit flat at the moment indeed

It’s just a lottery, my advice is to make second account, and upload it here, because in my case some of my rejected files in another account is accepted;)

This is a violation of the rules. The rejection letter clearly states that you cannot reupload rejected item. If the review team notices this, your account will be banned.

Thank you so much for your advice, I think you are right, the balance is pretty bad, specially at the tagline.

I just finish redesign my logo, I hope this time they can accept it.

I’m totally agree. But what I’m surprised is, why with the same logo the results of the review could be different?

i did not say this is pretty bad but not the right one yet , which is much more encouraging and also showing that this is nothing that u have to be afraid of

i did only once and i got suspended 10 days (even if yes some people did and it worked, this is true , but definitely a thing to do …) u are giving very good advice in your case lol

I like the Majestic logo mark, looks nice. Though the C one looks very familiar, like I’ve seen it many times before, even if not this exact one, but definitely the concept and ones like it.

Don’t you think this is absurd that rejected item latter becomes not rejected, on another account? And I did second account, because I was pretty sure, that many of my logos was rejected just for fun… And here we go , those logos that was rejected now have sales. So now you should take care about those persons who rejecting and accepting items unprofessionally.

You tried on the same account or on second account?
Anyway, I never was suspended in both cases.

The situation could also be different: what was approved in the first account could be rejected in the first account. Accounts do not matter. The difference is who is viewing your item. People are not robots, and reviewers are not cabled between their brains. There is always a correction for subjectivity. It’s colled “human factor”.
And this does not give you any right to violate the rules of the Market, while other authors play fair.
And what’s means this ?:
“So now you should take care about those persons who rejecting and accepting items unprofessionally.”
Me? :thinking:

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so i have a good advice for u , do never open your mouth to criticize anything this is safer lol

I play fair too, if my work is accepted, that means it’s dose not violate any rules.

I don’t know who should care about those reviewers, but I see you have moderator status, so probably you can to report it and make graphicriver better place.

Also I would not say that is human factor, because I was uploading a lot of works, and many of them was refused, so I am almost sure the person (or two) who are reviewing are not objective.