quality standard required


i’m join for 2 years, so any file uploading is rejected, this is new logo i can’t see any problems.

i hope open me email and see approval, always see "quality standard required "

Please i need help

Thank you

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I don’t want to be a “bad news courier” but it might be rejected because of too many small pieces in the logo (hard to see when logo is small size, for example on the website, specially when pattern is above the text - in this case this would look like a dust).

But this is only my first impression - good luck ;]


I think i know who can do it. Thank you so much for help me

hi i really like what u have done, this is very tasteful, however i feel the same as @Novocaina as regard to small elements … here they normally see do not like this much as they are considering the logo in small size and bcose when small elements are seen in (very) small size the thing gets not as aesthetic … as for me i would also add that this is too bad that this far u did not manage to connect a bit more text and illustration by using a common color for th tagline for instance … the typo is also clean like this but a bit lacking originality, variations and font combinations, indeed. u may also perfect the way both text and illustration are imbricating but as i mentioned indeed, i like what u have here and i think this is a very good base to work with

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Really all comments is true. I think is facts and i try again and put this on my design

Thank you

u are welcome, happy if i could help u :slight_smile: if u are ok now, pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile: