quality standard required

I still did not understand what this meant. What else can be placed here? Two more logos were rejected. I did everything according to the rules. I suffer for this work. Please clarify this as well.
What is meant by a quality standard?

hi this is globally too simple and the concept maybe sort of not “string” enough too. But most importantly again, in both cases, putting some some details are not pretty much of a good idea, actually. The fact of the matter is that here they judge logos in small size and small details are likely to either look bad and / or not to be this visible but in all cases do not help the logo to look outstanding. In addition, there is a major problem with the first one, this is that the commercial potential of it is very reduced due to the necessity of having a TR letter combination, which is not likely to happen much. The imbrication of both text and illustration parts could be better for these two logos too. In both cases, one of the main problems is that the details that u placed in sideways are making the logo look misbalanced and not aligned properly, which is not a small deal considering that alignment is a basic design principle, in other words, not a thing to mess with unless u want to face big time trouble. For the second logo , i see too major issues. The first one if that elements are NOT ALIGNED AT ALL. pls see above as regard to violating basic design principles. Otherwise,the color combination plus the way this is used in the preview make the thing far from outstanding and on the verge of violating a second basic design principle namely, contrast. I will end up saying that typo parts are rather too simple and lacking much originality and that u would give your logos more relief out of adding some variations, some font combos and some touches of originality. At this stage this is too plain for a place where typo is the main focus no matter where u turn out to post and the category u belong to

I respect your opinion and agree with you. But these are mistakes that can be corrected. Why is there a sharp rejection here? Most importantly, I looked at the logos accepted here, and there are things that I am criticized for in those logos.

for example, there are so many logos in my logo, as you say simply. or the logo can be as small as you say it can be resized, enlarged and repositioned. I just wondered why he was so harshly rejected. After all, the lines you mentioned could be corrected?

Hi Bro

The logos seem a bit standard.

Maybe you can try different logo designs.

Like different and generic logos from everyone.

I hope you can do better.

Designs are at the editor’s’ discretion.

Envato values quality and difference.

Envato means quality and difference.

Never give up. Work for the better.


Tnaks :blush: I still could not find the answer to my question :unamused:

Your logos looks like done in hurry without care about concept, uniqueness, typography, proportions, details, selling potential. All these are quality standard aspects .

The thing is that the item needs to be pixel perfect tour of the box.

it’s no good that there are various elements that can be corrected etc…

If that was how things worked then people could just push out anything rushed under the pretence that there are elements that can be edited to make it better.

In a marketplace this size there will always be some discrepancy in standards and approvals (it’s unfortunately unavoidable). This is also one of the most crowded categories. Maybe some of the ones you saw which appear to have a similar issues were older?