quality standard required

So far I have submitted five logo templates but none of them have been approved. All of them are saying that there is no quality standard. I don’t understand what kind of quality standard I want to talk about. Someone please give me some quality standards.

hi I am sorry but I do not see what the concept is here and I identify this as being one of the reasons for the item to be rejected … if some how some way u had turned the b into a plug , this would have made so much more sense … besides, i also hardly identify what are the bars inside standing for. The choice of colors is not the best that u could have made , not only are they super commonplace ones, but they are not super contrasting in a way as all the yellow parts are rather close from the white in the background> typo wise , I assume that people here will expect much much more effort and time spent , as standards are pretty high when it comes to typo , no matter what is the category that u belong to and where u are posting … BTW, I recommend u to introduce a tagline it will help u to build a much better typo offering variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality so that u can ultimately end up generate some really cool relief