quality standard required

Please point out my mistakes and tell me how to recover from them.

Your image is too small to see anything there. Upload a preview image here if you would like someone to help you

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here is my preview image.

hi for me the concept and original idea are not bad, but the way u materialized them is not good enough at this stage … u have to identify that logos are considered in small size here and there is a need to adapt to this indeed … look at the thumbnail of your preview here … this is speaking by itself …u can hardly see the upper part of the heart and where the cats begins so to speak … u need to make this "division’ way thicker, besides this would help to make the logo adapt to more trendy styles, because , at this stage , the way it came out look a little outdated if u ask me. I guess the most important problem is that the logo looks completely misbalanced or completely misaligned … u shock not align the cat according to the mustache indeed. Otherwise, the nose is not well executed enough. As for the typo this is not matching super well and the colors u gave it are not contrasting enough which loses impact and flattens the hierarchy in the end … u should also really forget about placing the logo in a context where this is not springing out at all as this is not valuing the work at all … see the red logo on black background …the logo is almost invisible …

The design is from here. You just copy the designs and try to upload here Photo | Easy drawings, Cat tattoo, Cat quilt

Last one get banned, few weeks ago, after few attempts of using someone else designs.

Bro you can’t take other people’s items and sell them, it’s like a joke