Logo hard rejected, feedback needed

Hello. Same old story, logo template is hard rejected without proper explanation. Community feedback will be much appreciated.

hi indeed, this is interesting, but the main problem is that this stye is not really super adapted to the marketplace style in my view as this is sort of too detailed for here , besides, look, when u see the preview without zooming in, well between the details and variations of color, nothing can be seen , or at least not much and here people are considering logos in very small size … the second major issue for here is that the typo is definitely not reaching the very high standards in Gr in a general way … no matter where u are posting standards are high about typo and much effort is expected about it … what u have is not really matching well in my view, in the first place and this is also not really well proportioned, lacking a bit variations and font combinations, too. Pls also consider that u are sort of violating a basic design principle, namely contrast, as far as the tagline goes, since, this is hardly readable or seen because of the lack of contrast between text color and background color . very good tshirt preview otherwise, this may be a clue for u to get to know how to potentially recycle your item in case changes are not enough so that this approved for the next submission …

Hi n2n44, thanks for your feedback, much appreciate your point of view. However I can’t really agree with some of the points you made (that’s the point of healthy discussion). Preview should be viewed zoomed in to actual size for the best experience, exactly the same way preview images are displayed on GR profiles, no difference at all. Viewed at that size I firmly believe that everyone should be able to clearly see everything that needs to be seen. As for the typography, again we cross roads because I believe it’s the subject of personal preferences. I believe that I made a good choice with font selection regarding the industry this logo is intended for, but again the people who are reviewing our work might or might not have the same opinion (depending on how they are feeling on certain day obviously). Again, every point of view regarding overall look and not technical stuff of the item, is just a personal observation, so that should deffinetely not be something that will make or break someone’s item, but hey… who am I to judge, just one of million dissapointed Envato users over the years.
Thanks again,