Logo - Hard Rejected: Need some help and feedback

Hello everyone,

I need some help and feedback regarding my logo template.
It’s my first item I want to put into the marketplace.
I know it’s kind of simple but with your help, I can improve my design idea.

As it was hard rejected, I can’t figure out the main problem whether it’s the design itself or my source file doesn’t meet the technical quality requirement.

Here is my design.

Looking forward for any constructive critiques :smile:
Thanks all…

You will be surprised how many of your future logos will be rejected. My advice is not fight with one item. Look at the popular items in this category, and newest items, which was approved last days. Compare to yours, and make work. Good luck

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hi, for me this is not bad a start but u also need to put more work into it … u need to have a bit more relief in the main shape (the logo itself) and as for the font, i tend to believe that this is not really a working so well with the graphics, maybe u should rework it and work more on font associations indeed. As for what RoyVelvet said, he’s somehow some way right , this category has a lot of items and a lot of submissions daily and being rejected is nothing but unusual … that’s why u have to try to bring much work to the table and need to make sure that u bring something new to the table as much as possible. Pls also keep in mind that typography will be much of an issue here and that u need to get the job done in this side … good luck buddy :wink:

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Thanks guys…
I’ll take note of your feedback and suggestion…
I guess the logo might be too specific in a way…hehehe
Anyway thanks again guys… :smile: