My 10 items are rejected by hard rejection...kindly help me why items are rejected

hi everyone.kindly mention me about reason of hard rejection!

It’s better to capture feedback on items individually but the problem you have sits on all of these (the G textile one is better)

The typography in most is not great esp font choices, styling and hierarchy etc.

The icons you are using feel freebie/cheap (for example the laptop one - even the bottoms are not properly spaced or aligned) and these drag the general look and feel right down

Ok sir thank you for giving me advice.kindly give me sone suggestion to improve my work

Unfortunately this is a marketplace for design pros - no one is going to be able to tech you basic design principles

There are thousands of good tutorials on logo and other design basics out there if you Google it.

Again with respect to your work, if you can’t see the issues with the typography and the fact that the graphic and text are far to squashed together in your design then you need to go right back to basics.

I assume the graphic is not custom made and therefore not fully editable (changing the colour does not count)?

Ok sir thanks

hi indeed , i see a collection of problems with this logo indeed. First of all this is very easily and quickly redone by anyone having just a decent knowledge of tools, which is decreasing gamely the commercial potential of the item and also , consequently decreasing as much the potentiality of the reviewer to accept it. Why would a reviewer approve a file showing close to no commercial potential in the first place in their views? Apart from this there is a complete disconnection between the illustration part and the text one, the typo is simply not matching at all the illustration one, the color is part of the “broken harmony” but but not only choosing the italic variation is not a good idea in terms of imbrication of the illustration with the text and there is also a misplacement of the text with the illustration as the text is not flagged as it should be, ie: on the left. Abut the typo u should pick up something curvy that matches the wave rather than having very straight sort of used fonts. Pls let me also remind u that the logo category is a very tough ones, where expectations are high and there many people in town, in other words in which the catalogue of items is very wide already , which basically means that u need to make sure to bring some touches of originality , at least, so that the logo not only looks different but also has something new to bring to the table and reach a target …

Thanks sir for telling me my mistakes

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lol u are welcome , no need to express so very formally though lol thank u is enough haha lol