Rejected because didn't match with the quality standard, but Why?

I’am a newbie on here, and here is my design, I make it on AI, there is no open paths, well layered, and all vector.
Please give my feedback to improve my design. I know, there’s must be something wrong with my design, I just dont realize what’s was that, so please help me… Thanks :smile:


hi this is super cute and i like it, there is a concept, some cuteness and uniqueness from where i sit, the exception looks good if u ask me … hard to identify what is supposed to be the problem with this template … are u sure that u closed all the paths? because it looks like that this is one of the most common reasons for rejected illustrations from what i used to hear …

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I’d double check to closing all the paths before uploading, but my design cannot pass, maybe the next design will be worth to sell on graphicriver.
thank you for your feedback :+1:

hey man , the design is pretty cool, this is all what i can tell u … i like it by the way , just post somewhere else , this is faster … the fact of the matter is that posting in such a category is convenient as u have a loooooooot of other places where u can post …

Your cat is cute but there is an anatomically issue with the right paw. If the paw is placed there that means it is double in length compared with the left paw.

Check a reference

thanks, nice advise…

WOOOOAAAW… make sense, I think you’r right…
and thank you for showing reference pic too

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are u sure that there is not an issue of posture and that all the cats do not necessarily do the dame exactly? (becose there also an issue for back paws , too in this case …) plus , if i identify what u are saying, is there really a need for a design to be absolutely 100% realistic?

When I saw this illustration that paw was the element that get my attention. He can easily correct this by moving that paw to the right. Perhaps I saw this first because I have 3 cats :slight_smile:

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yeah i guess it helps :slight_smile: