My first illustration has been rejected

Hi, my first item has been rejected, can anyone give me some feedback, please? Thank you…

hi , are u sure that u have posted the item in the right category ? since, here, posting in the wrong one, will just mean “hard rejection”. I have no idea what it might be otherwise , to be honest , apart from maybe the fact that u did not close all paths of your illustration, which is another reason for such item to be hard rejected. Apart from this , to have a more “artistic” kind of comment so to speak, I just see a bit of an issue with shadows on faces , legs and feet, but the question is : did u choose to do it purposely as an artistic choice or not, because if u did , hard to reproach anything but the typo part which is not great and not imbricating well indeed …

Hi! I did choose the graphic and illustration category, but I think you are right, there are some technical issues in my artwork, especially for the paths and format. Thank you for sharing your idea, it helps a lot!

I understand that this is an attempt to stylize… but nevertheless it looks creepy. Where are their noses? It looks like they have an advanced stage of syphilis :grimacing:
Also, the girl is much older than the children who took the first step.
Why the cacti are yellow? Are they dead? I think cacti are taking too much attention (this is just a background)
The text block I would have done biger (this is an important part of the poster)
Why is the distance between the letters “y” and “s” so huge?
The grass is not thick at all. It looks like it’s almost shriveled up.
Some of the elements are drawn in a messy, hastily manner (stripes on a sweater, fingers, etc)

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hi buddy I agree with u as regard to some points , but honestly I believe that some things they also turn out to be “artistic choices” and that if all had to look realistic, then a lot of artworks would have never been issued lol I do not think that the Guernica painting or the whole art from Picasso where realistic for example

the only thing technical that I referred to is paths, as I know that they are a cause of rejections , it was mentioned in the past … for the format, I have no idea why u evoke just this but I would be very surprised that it makes any difference as basically a vector file is meant to be enlarged, changed sise and everything …
what I can tell however , this is that typo is much of an issue here and this is far from being reaching the standards at the moment, with what u have, not to mention that the different texts are not imbricating well enough. The Pacifico font that u used is not matching the more classical one that u mixed it up with, too.
apart from this the shadowing , especially when it comes to characters remains the most important part here for the rejection as this tends to make your illustration not realistic enough and also sort of bulky … (looking like blocks indeed)

Hi, I didn’t know that my artwork has so much reason to be rejected, not only technical things yet also the item itself. I will use your advice for my next submission item, thank you so much for your help!

Hi, yes some other elements here don’t work well either, I admit it. So glad you helped me figure out what were my mistakes, hope I can improve it for my next submission item! :slight_smile:

@n2n44 I have not written anywhere that all illustrations should look realistic.
@diyanpee Yes, you can accept all these comments for further work. But no one can promise you that the next item will be approved. Sometimes it takes some time to explore the GraphicRiver and understand what kind of product is in demand here.

well u suggested though … after all why wouldn’t she have yellow cactuses if she wants to, for instance? lots of characters , including some famous ones by the way have no nose … where are artistic choices starting, this is the point …