Rejected illustration (food)

Hi there,

One of my illustrations was rejected. Have no idea why: earlier I submitted some other illustrations in same style without any problems.

Any thoughts?

Hi, maybe the dark red, make the slices look like fruit ! Strawberry exactly, Maybe.

Not sure, but thanks, will try. Another thought - all elements were grouped, but I didn’t name some of them

yes, all element must be named, good luck bro & tell me if they approve your item :wink:

Sure, thanks!

It looks a bit dated, I guess. Not sure if you should include the motion lines around the edges.

I already have such illustrations in same style in my portfolio, 3 illustrations were approved without any problems. This one was rejected again :frowning:

Tried to submit it without motion lines - rejected again, with “Best Regards”, but without any explanation. I’m done with this :rage: